Zoom Call – SNL

Zoom Call – SNL

A couple of receptionists (Aidy Bryant, Kate McKinnon) have a hard time when their company holds its first Zoom conference call while working from home in quarantine.

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74 Responses

  1. Zoe belle says:

    I don’t think Kevin’s wearing pants

  2. B C says:

    A zoom call sketch. Beyond topical right now. Even my 6-year-old kid is doing zoom with her class. EVERYONE is using zoom.

  3. Kaylie Vincent says:

    “If I can’t kiss my kids on the mouth, I’m gonna hurt an animal” OMG 😂😂

  4. SayU SayMee says:

    2:25 *”I thought this computer only did solitaire”* Every elderly person, ever. 😭🤣

  5. ATI Videos says:

    “I used my license as toilet paper.” 😂

  6. V I says:

    This is EXACTLY how my mom’s first virtual meeting went with her staff who are mostly 55+, including the crying. They got like 0% work done.

  7. Anti-social Headphones Kid says:

    It’s so strange, it feels like an actual SNL sketch but with a bit less audio quality! I’m actually laughing my ass off. “Anyone else hate their kids?!”

  8. Dionasia Gardner says:

    I’m 100% sure Zoom started the Coronavirus.

  9. ltpvs says:

    i LOVE that aidey and kate found a way to keep these characters going AND make the sketch super relevant! so hilarious!

  10. Elizabeth says:

    Alex’s face thought the whole thing 😂 Just enjoying watching the world burn.

  11. Betty G says:

    My kindergarten kid did a zoom playdate and I was worse than they were. How is that they did the back ground change, I couldn’t even figure out how to see everyone or see our own screen. Then I cried like those ladies but at least away from the camera.

  12. David Kilbridge says:

    “He’s a doctor, but he’s different.”

  13. Stephanie S says:

    “He’s a doctor… but he’s different.”

  14. Sean Murphy says:

    Not accurate they didn’t spend 10 minutes with technical issues and people telling people to mute or if you can see or hear the speaker! Omg 1k likes haha 😂!

  15. Cian says:

    “My husband says I can only use one sheet of toilet paper BUT I NEED THREEE” 😂

  16. Bill Grant says:

    I can’t be the only one thinking Henriette and Nan just figured out how to get out of attending pointless meetings.

  17. Damaris F says:

    “He’s a doctor, but he’s different” “Ok” 🥴😂

  18. June's Outside Contact says:

    “Does anyone fully hate their kids?” 🙋‍♀️🙃

  19. Elsa Eriksson says:

    You forgot the one person who is yelling at their kid & forgot to mute

  20. 10k subs with videos? says:

    Government: everyone stay away from each other

    Zoom: stonks

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