*Zootopia* is DOING THINGS to me

*Zootopia* is DOING THINGS to me

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33 Responses

  1. amy b says:

    Fun fact: Judy’s nose twitched when Gideon was bullying her because she was scared, but it didn’t twitch when Nick pretended to be savage, hinting that she was acting.

  2. mmcgonagall says:

    It kinda made me so happy that Dylan didn’t even consider bellwether could be the villain (the same guy who ends up accurately predicting entire movies plot just from the opening scenes) just goes to show how great the writing is

    • AJ Johnson says:

      @Chubby Punk the henchmen were sheep and she was in the shot every time something bad happened to predators, plus she was constantly shown being unhappy with predators and made comments the whole movie it was pretty blatant.

    • abigail w says:

      The point of her being the villain is that it calls out biases just like the rest of the movie. When he said “I wonder why I didn’t consider her” that’s why, you wouldn’t expect her to be the villain. I agree that it shows success on the part of the movie

    • Chubby Punk says:

      Nah, the setup in the movie just wasn’t that good.

    • Diana Lopez says:

      For a second I thought he actually knew and was just being sarcastic

    • AJ Johnson says:

      I think Dylan just fails a lot when women are the main character or the villain

  3. Lisa Sherman says:

    The DMV sloth scene was made to be a fun teaser for the movie, before they had an actual working trailer. The animators were just having fun with the gags. They kept the whole thing in the movie because the public responded so well to it.

    • Poi Lethe says:

      Honestly wish it stayed a teaser. I do like that it gives it more groundedness within the movie, but I I’m not a huge fan of rewatching the same gag, especially a slow one that’s kinda played out by the end of it.

  4. agent of malarkey says:

    Dylan’s unwavering confidence when he says “fee-ral” is making me question if I’ve just been pronouncing it wrong my entire life

  5. Space Cloud says:

    Dylan pretending not to know the difference between a botanist and a zoologist at every opportunity and trying so hard not to laugh at his own joke the whole time was the best part of this video lmao

  6. Paige says:

    Idk what’s funnier; Dylan repeatedly saying “I told you idk animals, I’m not a botanist”, or his confirmation of being a furry 😂

  7. Andrea McMullin says:

    One of the things I love about this movie is that they never make Nick and Judy romantic. The focus on their friendship growing and being important is so refreshing, especially being a male/female relationship. As someone who had a lot of male friends and has spent years explaining that I’ve never dated/slept with them, it’s so refreshing to see

    • Danlock The Great says:

      I guess he should watch beastars

    • Sam says:

      They wouldn’t have promoted weird relationships in a movie for the family- weird meaning kind of biologically wrong, seeing as they’re not of the same species and are even prey vs predator. But on the other hand a lot of people thought they were gonna end up romantically 😭 like when they’re in the sky tram and she puts her hand on his arm, when they tell each other they loved each other, and overall their teasing and witty dynamic could have been easily made for an enemies to lovers relationship. And the writers even wrote a scene where they were in her apartment, and then her parents call and think Nick is her boyfriend.

      But yes I agree, they had a really nice platonic bond and I stan their friendship.

  8. Courtney Green says:

    I used to be an actuary and love any mention of the profession because no one ever knows what they do. Btw, it’s very unlikely an actuary is looking for tax exemptions (as in I’ve never heard of one doing so, sounds like something a tax accountant would do).. they typically work with insurance companies and governments to find the likelihood of terrible events (deaths, injuries, property damage, etc) to determine pricing for products and how much to charge in taxes to cover the cost of eventually paying for said damages..

  9. Izuku Midorya says:

    This was the first time I’ve ever watched this guy in my whole life but I can’t even explain how entertaining this was for me- I’ve been so bored lately and this really helped, maybe I’ll watch more

  10. BANA Nawal says:

    Dylan trying to figure out who the villain was whenever Bellwether was onscreen is comedy gold

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