ZPump 2.0 Speed Cam

ZPump 2.0 Speed Cam

For us, running is about more than treadmills and racetracks. It’s a vital part of life. So what better place to launch the ZPump 2.0, than right in the middle of the busiest street in Stockholm?

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9 Responses

  1. Shawn Pridgen says:

    This is dope!

  2. Jaydon Van Veen says:

    This would be cooler if you got both shoes, not just the one.

  3. Christopher Erickson says:

    Brilliant way to engage the consumer through truly interactive advertising.
    What agency came up with this concept?

  4. Damien Cross says:

    Great for a health-promoting brand. Starts the ideas flowing for others…

  5. mitchy02 says:

    0:38 Woman in red gives the runner the stink eye because she was in the
    runner’s way. lol

  6. Zeerak Zubdah says:

    SO what you gonna do with a single shoe?

  7. jeff wei says:

    Do this in America, I would love some free Reeboks :)

  8. Hoa Mai says:

    cool idea but looks like they only gave away like 20 shoes

  9. blackice7317 says:

    Probably staged with actors. NT Reebok