Trump Backs Roy Moore; Charlie Rose Fired for Sexual Harassment: A Closer Look

Trump Backs Roy Moore; Charlie Rose Fired for Sexual Harassment: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at the White House continuing to stand by an accused sexual predator running for Senate so they can pass tax cuts.
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Trump Backs Roy Moore; Charlie Rose Fired for Sexual Harassment: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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109 Responses

  1. Caitlin Estep says:

    This is so stressful…

    • Angela Siegfried says:

      Heh heh! I like your name Steve. 😀

    • Staf. Hans Landa says:

      Caitlin Estep Home Depot has a 75%-off rope sale this week.

    • TCt83067695 says:

      Staf. Hans Landa wth is wrong with you?

    • Laurie Bolles says:

      Caitlin Estep yes it is, this is a nasty subject and I hope your stress isn’t because you experienced something simular in your childhood or you know of someone. If you have been abused I hope you had compassionate support and have overcome the trauma. If not it’s never to late to seek help.

      This is a stressful issue but I’m glad this subject has come to light. Maybe that’s the only good thing that will come from Trump and his Administration. Have a nice day and follow your bliss.

    • Staf. Hans Landa says:

      TCt83067695 Heil Hitler!

  2. FamousWithoutBrad says:

    Besides his actions and personality, Roy Moore is a great guy

  3. qballer82 says:

    Some very fine people are asking Moore to drop out…..From both sides.

  4. Huh ? says:

    Man with 16 allegations of sexual assault against him believes alleged pedophile with 10+ allegations, that he didn’t do it.

    • The Sentient Mustard says:

      And if a person chooses not to look their own babies or their own mother, what happens then in your model? They can just die due to no fault of their own, right? That’s your vision of a better society? Yes the historical solution was family. It was also pauperism, poor houses (still tax-funded, by the way) and indentured servitude. Of course people are capable of self-determination, they have it now in spite of the taxes that you believe are so destructive of personal freedom. Actually because of, if you think about it. Who has a better chance of working hard to build a fortune? A person with access to education and at least some assurance that their family won’t die if their venture fails? Or a person without access to any of these things? Your proposed model is based on a perfect world. We do not live in one.

    • webduelist says:

      I wouldn’t put it past Democratic women to pull these kind of tactics during an election.

      What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty. Everyone is missing a step here because they feel he is guilty.

    • Unapologetic Apathy says:

      allegations =/= convictions. You are all a bunch of fucking idiots. Some of the same women that were paid to accuse trump of sexual assault were the same women paid to stay silent on Harvey weinstein. Lets say i paid $500 dollars to 20 women to come out and accuse Obama of rape and sexual assault, does that instantly mean he is a sexual predator? Accusers are just as reliable as the suspect unless thy have some form of video or audio evidence. These people are recalling instances that happened 20-40 years ago. Definitely nothing fishy at all when these accusations flood in right when Roy is running for state senate

    • luv cheney says:

      Connie Bailey One reason is because the word “liberal” means something different to different people,some in Europe I’ve noticed. Classically of course liberal means liberty, and so opposes Govt Power. But in the US those who want govt buying our condoms for us are called liberals. I neverr thought it fair for me to buy condoms when it was not my wick getting wetted.
      But, do you prefer Dem…. Pinko…. Or it’s just a meaningless discussion over, the ” ?

    • luv cheney says:

      The Sentient Mustard… in the 1920’s black babies born to 2 parent family at a 83% rate. Now, it’s just 27%. This was prior to FDR’s programs. Before the War on Poverty, mid 1960’s LBJ acceleration of growth of the Welfare State. Yep, Govts results in replacing fathers with govt assistance really is working. To destroy.
      Facts are single moms children have an extremely high incidence of poverty. Creating epidemics of bad behaviors in cultures. Your “help” is destructive to society. 100 years of your bullshit and have nothing but depravity.

  5. Woody Would says:

    Doug Jones: Prosecuted members of the kkk
    Roy Moore: accused child molester
    I still need more info before I make a decision.

  6. Sambou Jaiteh says:

    If we’re not impeaching Trump because he’s a horrible waste of human organs, can we at least fire him for never doing his job?

    • Matt Schneider says:

      Alley Cat Gillis Already proved himself by Trump winning. The concept you can’t accept is God hates you. And this is punishment for you and the faithful indoctrinated for being mentally lazy.

    • TheGameCoalition says:

      do realize that’s the same thing. Impeaching is essentially the process of firing the prez

    • karite2 says:

      Alex Oelkers more specifically he needs to break a law pertaining to the presidency which he has done at least 5 times now. Also it’s a job, no job requires a crime for termination, it only requires a bad employee, and trump is a bad president who can’t do his job.

    • Unapologetic Apathy says:

      you dont impeach someone for being a “horrible waste of human organs” you impeach someone for breaking a law… i learned that in seventh grade US law. did you not?

    • BlueBell22 says:

      That’s not how things work child. Let alone what impeach even means.

  7. KingOfMadCows says:

    Trump is soft on a lot of things, except maybe Ivanka.

    • &Abel says:

      Why do Trump worshipers always assume that a person is “liberal” just because they are challenging your god? I’m a politically non affiliated Christian Canadian, for the record.

    • CEOofFRESH1 says:

      US politics are fucking awful.
      And the comedians who blindly support one team.
      While minimizing their team’s fuckups are worse.
      I don’t care or want to watch more BS about US politics for a very, very long time.

    • alphavortex1 says:

      +&Abel as the old saying goes ” innocent until proven guilty”. meaning trump = Innocent. make sense? that’s how we do in America. There are plenty of rapists and pedos, caught… with proof… and many that are just framed for political reasons… keep your mind open… and follow the law.

    • &Abel says:

      You are a pathetic human being that this world would be better off without.

  8. E2 M5 says:

    Only one trumptards disliked…must of been that “I’ll believe trump over jesus” guy from CNN

    • robert9ish says:

      alphavortex1. Get back in the cupboard with your little girls. Funny enough for you, Creep? I live on facts and some weirdo that I’d punch in the face if he came to my door isn’t in a position to tell me otherwise. Got it?

    • alphavortex1 says:

      +robert9ish all I got from that is you’re an idiot lol and scared to debate a thing… angry and violent.. no points… no facts… triggered… the typical lib no?

    • robert9ish says:

      I have no religious or political afflliations. Everyone fears something. I don’t fear a Dingbat like you. I live on a small farm and I’m getting tired of effing big-mouths like you trying to turn everything into an “Us vs. Them” situation. You’re an obvious Partisan Creep. I value my time. I suggest that you value yours.

    • alphavortex1 says:

      +robert9ish where did you get that? why should you fear me?? over defensive much? relax… if you keep this up, you are only helping Trump win again? Do libs want Trump in power that badly? YOu can’t punch your way to any type of win unless you’re in a boxing ring (in which case I’d knock you on your ass in seconds) but online, you have to take a much different approach or you fail like this… and help Trump win AGAIN… thanks I suppose..

    • robert9ish says:

      alpha(laughable). I’ve already stated that I have no political affiliations. As for your boxing ring assertions, you’d be incorrect about my defeat. You’re a fool. Go and spend an hour listening to George Carlin. It’s probably the most useful thing you’ll do all fuckin’ day.

  9. Hailey Railey says:


  10. aprilwearsgucci says:

    Trump would rather have a child predator in the Senate over a Democrat? That’s the Republican party for you. Trump and Moore are two birds of the same feather. Let’s see Trumptards defend this.

    • m norton buswell says:

      Kenny Martin don’t forget the YMCA where this specimen was also not welcome.

    • Angela Siegfried says:

      Smileyrie James, it’s not because he’s famous. What Trump means by they “let him” is that they know and he knows he can physically overpower women so no, that’s not the meaning of consensual. That’s the meaning of abuse of power.

    • Jonathan Quiros says:

      Oh, they’ll find a way. They always find some BS excuse.

    • Ebeth Louise says:

      it all makes sense if you understand that Trump’s “soft on crime” is racist code for (pardon the phrase) “n-lover.” They would rather have a pedophile than the man who prosecuted the KKK. its a racism issue, more than a partisan one.

    • AMB Films says:

      aprilwearsgucci Something something crooked Hillary, something something Uranium, something something MAGA.

  11. Really Late says:

    Why wouldn’t Trump support Roy Moore. They are both pedophiles and pedophiles stick together. Don’t forget Trump in 1992 said to a 10 year old girl that he would be dating her in 10 years time. He was known to walk in on undressed teen girls during Miss teen competitions. Even Ivanka is on record stating that it was not uncommon for her father to do this. If Alabama votes Roy Moore in they clearly are the state of pedophile lovers. They will also be the state that is anti American as Roy Moore doesn’t believe in the Constitution.

  12. Yamuna Sharmini Manikam says:

    What is wrong with Kellyanne Conway’s face?

  13. SJ Cohen says:

    Next season ABC should do Dancing with the Pervs, featuring Roy Moore, Bill O’Reilly, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Charlie Rose, and Al Franken. Only trouble is who would be willing to be their partners?

    • Anna Parker says:

      E Clouston. And this exactly is why women don’t come forward. Because of people like you, who decide that they must be lying because you can’t face the fact that someone that you like may have done this.

    • Free Range MooMoo says:

      Drabswin. You failed technical terms. This is juvenile misconduct. Not even sexual misconduct. Franken accuser did not claim harassment. YOU are abusing the word harassment, and trivializing real harassment victims. You are deliberately being stupid or trying hard to make a shoplifter case into big bank robbery with murder of children. Tsk tsk.

    • Anna Parker says:

      Free Range MooMoo. Tsk tsk yourself. You do realize that you are defending a man that supposedly touched a woman’s butt against her will, kissed a woman against her will and then took that disgusting photo of her while she slept. Shame on you.

    • Jhefferson Barros says:

      They can touch each other without permission.

    • Awesome_Kitty101 says:

      SJ Cohen you forgot trump

  14. lic05 says:

    That’s your political discourse now, “I rather vote for a pedophile than a guy from the other party”…

    You Americans are fucking rotten.

  15. MBearchesterfield says:

    It seems like every single day since this lunatic took office there’s been a new scandal. How much does it take for reasonable people to do something about it? Does he literally have to stand on 5th Ave. and shoot someone? Even if he did, I have a feeling Republicans would still be defending him.

    You knew he was slime when you gave him the nomination. You knew it when he actually won. Anyone who’s known anything about him for the past 20 years knew it already. Stop defending him, admit you were wrong, and do something already.

    This past year has gone on for 30 goddamn years.
    I can only afford so much alcohol.

  16. Lin Dzay says:

    “He says he didn’t do it” oh ok never mind then.

  17. MrGeekFreek says:

    You should do A Closer Look on what’s happening with Net Neutrality in the US.

    • Ms Ducks says:

      Angela, done and done but it would be extra exposure and if anyone can get people fired up, it’s John Oliver. The more, the merrier I say. Every US citizen should call Congress and demand they keep the net free and open. And every US citizen should vote. Every vote counts.

    • floral capacity says:

      i think that’d be more suited for the check in segment

    • Neo The Boxer says:

      Ms Ducks He did.

    • Neo The Boxer says:

      Ms Ducks John Oliver has done this already. And folks wrote in. Didn’t stop Pai.

    • old fan says:

      Damn straight. Sexual harassment allegations & Russiagate are mere titillation and all about blowing smoke in our faces while the net neutrality issue AND the environment AND poverty AND racism AND a constipated democratic party are ignored.

  18. Zafirah Hasan says:

    I’m an Alabamian and I’m so embarrassed! I will be voting and it won’t be for Moore!!!

  19. Apophis says:

    I’d write something but some anonymous troll is going to try to make himself sound smart by critiquing everything I say while simultaneously not providing any information or insight.

    • Angela Siegfried says:

      Go for it. It starts to seem like fun after awhile.

    • Staf. Hans Landa says:

      *WHAT YOU MEANT TO TYPE:* “I’d write something, but some anonymous troll would probably try to make himself sound smart by critiquing everything I say while simultaneously providing no information or insight.”

    • Val C. says:

      I agree with Angela Siegfried. I felt the same way, but after a while, it becomes kinda funny. And if it’s not funny, I’ll just read the first line and go on with my day.
      My hope is that they teach kinds about trolls and fake news in school. The first times I encountered trolls it got me so worked up, that I didn’t see the point in posting. Once I realised what they were, and that I enjoyed posting, I just went on with it. F ’em.

    • AMB Films says:

      Apophis It’s like a guessing game. Trashy American Trump supporter or Russian provocateur? Since both types of comments end up serving Russian interest, I usually default there, but you never know!

  20. sexy korean girl says:

    most powerful pedo

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