What the HELL is Miracle Star? (a SHAMELESS Gumball Ripoff)

What the HELL is Miracle Star? (a SHAMELESS Gumball Ripoff)

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60 Responses

  1. Bell That Games says:

    The way the gumball creators dealt with it was amazing.

  2. Saberspark says:

    Any other ripoffs out there I should cover in a video??

  3. Leonardo Heredia says:

    Fun fact: Gumball is a massive international co-production, since it was produced in the United Kingdom, the United States, Ireland, Germany and Japan.

  4. Richter WLK says:

    10:24 very smart for the writers to use the “anomaly” that is the missing little girl to be the one to save them.

  5. Tamara Rambo says:

    I wish the creators from Amazing World of Gumball could sue them; however, it’s a complicated process to file a copyright infringement lawsuit internationally. Overall, it was a hilarious episode the way creators fireback at them.

  6. Will Biesen says:

    I absolutely loved how, even though they couldn’t sue the company, they made an episode making fun of the show

  7. GoHerping says:

    I never realized the context of copycats but im not suprised with how it’s such a clever show. The evolution of CN was a wild ride too… but all good things must come to an end lol

  8. DisneyVillainsFan 16 says:

    Anais not having a doppelganger is probably one of the best jokes Gumball ever made.

  9. Gum Skyloard says:

    Best thing that Saber didn’t mention is that the original storyboards for The Copycats actually used the original Miracle Star character designs for the Copycat family. Which means that the attack could’ve been EVEN more direct.

  10. YelloWool says:

    I love that they dedicated an entire episode to making fun of the rip off.

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