07-26-2015 Medford Detective threatens to kill civilian

07-26-2015 Medford Detective threatens to kill civilian

Driving home today I got lost and made a wrong turn. In an unfamiliar area I drove slowly but made the mistake of not seeing a poorly marked one way. I stopped midway through entering it when I realized I screwed up and fortunately there were no close calls or potential accidents. Only a single oncoming car (not the medford cop/detective in the video, he was on the other side) that had fully stopped before the road seeing my stupid mistake. After I stopped and realized it was too late I just continued out of the way and back onto the correct road in front of me. This man starts tailgating me and puts his high beams on in his Red Chevy Silverado pick up truck. He then yells how I’m an asshole and that he is going to hurt me, and well the rest is in the video.

The date is incorrect as my dashcam apparently was set wrong. I very rarely ever need to pull videos off of it over the period of time I’ve owned it and just didn’t notice the date mistake. The time however is right.

I also never gave my address to him, he found it by running my plates/license so him saying I’m not registered is false. I have had that info updated since I moved.

Dashcam is A118C B40. There are many Chinese vendors on eBay and amazon. Mine is spytec I believe.

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20 Responses

  1. steve harris says:

    Douche bag cop. Pathetic

  2. Ed Tetreault says:

    Everyone is going to get dash cams after this BS.

  3. Marco Leduc says:

    Wow! Good job for keeping a clear head and not cracking under pressure. If
    it was me, I would have had to change my seat!

  4. JNacoustic says:

    Should have not stopped for this psychopath. I would have just kept

  5. MrGoodcents says:

    Wifebeater and tattoos… OH WE GOT A BADASS

    or a little bitch who was bullied so he started lifting weights and applied
    to to be an officer

    btw the other cop told him the longer he stays the more trouble there will
    be because he knows the undercover guy is a douche with a temper

  6. HACEE99 says:

    That WRX…Sounds Good..

  7. caimarles says:

    When you’re a white guy and get pulled over by an overly aggressive
    arrogant cop, you get yelled and cussed at. When you’re a black guy you get

  8. Dark Matter says:

    another garbage cop

  9. Steve S says:

    You should have countered with, “Officer, you have a strong odor of alcohol
    on you breath! How much have you had to drink?” Bet the dirt bag didn’t
    sleep well at all that night. He was all talk and knows that his ass is in
    deep doodoo for making terroristic threats and making and illegal stop in
    an unmarked car and not in uniform. He must be clearly marked one way or
    another. Otherwise he could only follow you and sit tight for marked cars
    stop you. Just tell his supervisor you want the citation torn up and for
    the cop to receive anger management training and you will drop it. hehehe

  10. rumvodkaf1 says:

    Was it dress casual day at the detective squad?

  11. mark becker says:


  12. nairda123 yenom says:

    Man, lucky for him he was not black or he would be dead right now, the cop
    would have said he was trying to flee a traffic stop and he feared for his
    life, I wonder why so many fearful cops join the police force in the first
    place I guess to make up for there small di-k’s ,

  13. Jorge Mercado says:

    This detective was so rude and agressive and the young man was so polite no
    profanity coming out of his mouth. All you hear from this detective is
    profanity and intimidation. If I was a lawyer I would take him down with a
    pen. Some of these officers are on some kind of power trip, and think that
    everyone else is an idiot. Hope he gets suspended and make him attend anger
    management. If I was facing this detective I would feel intimidated by his
    attitude also. It’s a miracle he did not abused this young man with
    violence. Cops like that don’t need to be serving in any department period!
    People make honest mistakes that’s part of being human and he did not hurt
    anyone or caused an accident and he even admitted that he made a mistake.

  14. westcoast1axxx says:

    Guys like this give all cops a bad name! I hope he is fired immediately…

  15. moncorp1 says:

    oink oink

  16. Jim Spadorcia says:

    Does everyone not see what the issue is here. You have some dope who went
    around a rotary the wrong way and could have killed someone and his excuse
    is that he didn’t see the sign, I know the area and it is VERY well lit. If
    you almost hit me, I would have taken you out of your car and beat the
    living s&*^ out of you, maybe it’s a Medford thing. Take away the power the
    police have and you will have nothing but chaos. What should the cop have
    done, patted him on the back and say hey buddy next time go around the
    rotary the correct way? The only person that is wrong here is basedboston.
    Can we see the video of you going “slowly” the wrong way around the rotary?
    Basedboston, you are the a$$ here and you are trying to ruin some guys 30
    years on the force for a mistake YOU made. Take your tongue lashing and
    move on like a real man.

  17. alan phillips says:


  18. drvbluesman1 says:

    Just another pathetic excuse for a “public servant”. This “punk” detective
    is the REAL menace here.

  19. Daniel German says:

    There are very few good police officers left. I can say a few because i
    seen them in person. However if a dude in a wifebeater shirt comes at me
    with a gun aggressivly and shows no badge they are gonna be in a body bag
    before they can blink. By law officers must identify themselves and show a
    badge. Police protect and serve themselves not the public. I would’ve
    called state police and had done whats called citizens arrest which is
    legal. Remember that folks, if you got the proof that an city police
    officer broke the law while attending to you call state police and
    emphasize your rights to have the city officer arrested under the right to
    citizens arrest. Make sure to always have someone with you as well.

  20. Nancy Wilson says:

    Skank in an undershirt flashing what may be a badge from far off- the brave
    and stupid new world. Gonna blow our F-in heads off. Classy!