10 (Accidental) Spanish Curse Words – Joanna Rants

10 (Accidental) Spanish Curse Words – Joanna Rants

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“You say potato and I say…penis.” Watch what you say in Spanish because what can mean something innocent in one country can mean something…very very dirty in another.

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20 Responses

  1. chpracinggt says:

    en guatemala “arrech@” mean you are very hard worker, and “cuchara” (spoon)
    is vagina, “pico” penies 

  2. Hector Chamate says:

    En Panamá, un “straw” (“pitillo” en Venezuela) se pide diciendo “carrizo”.
    Carrizo en Venezuela es un sinonimo de “carajo”. Carajo es un pene.

    En cambio, “pitillo” en Panamá es un poco de droga.

    Simplente soliciten un “tubo de plastico hueco para sorber el liquido”.
    Donde esté, le dirán cómo se llama eso.

  3. Lucas Rodriguez says:

    Peru has the best Spanish accent, especially the city of Lima, their accent
    is the most neutral and clean, then is Colombia. But Colombian accent is
    more sexy. I think spanish speaker will agree with me. Chau

  4. Lazaro Morell says:

    Even inside the same country words can mean completely different things.
    For instance, here in Caracas, in the central part of Venezuela, slippers
    are called “cholas”, but in Maracaibo that’s the word for penis.

  5. Luigi Moreano says:

    In Peru “guasca” means being drunk, in Argentina means cum.

  6. Martin Landart says:

    In chile “pico” means penis. In Argentina there is a very popular lollipop
    candy with a long shape, called Pico Dulce. For non spanish speakers, dulce
    means sweet.

  7. Sergio Tapia says:

    yes, Spanish is the language of Love!!! French is the language of
    Romance!!! every time I run into a latino who doesent speak Spanish… I
    remember what abuelita use say…. “el espanol es un idioma tan hermoso….
    que la gente fea no sobe hablar”!!!!

  8. Sultan Balhai says:

    Ok but why is this in English?

  9. Brian Gabriel says:

    We have differents slangs for vagina in Puerto rico…”la pajara”, “el
    toston”, “la chocha”, “la crica”, “el tajo”, “la pandorca”, jajajaja. For
    the penis, “el bicho”, “el mamerro”. For masturbation, “pajeandome”, “la
    casqueta”, “jalandome una”, when we are horny we say ” estoy bellaco o
    bellaca(si eres mujer)”, si….somos unos sucios….

    • Brian Gabriel says:

      +Lawrence Bader “puñeta” in puerto rico is like saying fuck!.

    • Lawrence Bader says:

      +Brian Gabriel Let’s see, the Mexican Spanglish I speak has the word
      “panocha” for vagina, and “verga” for penis. Masturbation is “puñeta”.

  10. El Show De Carlos Durán says:

    hahahaha I’m dominican and I found this video hilarious. You did a lot of
    research and it was worth it. Thanks!

  11. geneva1999 says:

    The car Buick Lacrosse had to be renamed to something else in Canada,
    because Lacrosse means jack-off in French Canadian.

  12. Lawrence Bader says:

    My wife, who was born here in the U.S., learned proper Spanish from her
    parents who are from Mexico City. To this day when my wife talks to my
    mother-in-law in public and says something like, “Si. Vamos a coger eso.”,
    I CRINGE, as Latino people around us stare at them.
    “REcoger!”, I plead! “Recoger!”

  13. Rafael Polanco says:

    Pollón can mean a big chicken in Venezuela and it is actually the name of a
    chicken joint in Maracaibo, while in Spain, it means a huge, well, dong.

  14. Jose Nieto says:

    Spanish the most perverse fragmented language in the world

  15. shota Bodega says:

    calimete: now that sounds hardcore for a straw

  16. bandrukesucks says:

    Dang. No wonder they all so grumpy. Americas should pull a China and unify
    their language or something. I don’t have this much trouble with South

  17. junir00ckzz1887 says:

    Doesnt bicho in puerto rico mean dick???

  18. lilxicanita says:

    My sister’s nickname is cuca which in Mexico also is short for the name
    refugio (Cuco for guys)…i didn’t know it also means vagina in El
    Salvador…she married a Salvadorean and he will never call her cuca, he
    calls her maria (her name is maria del refugio)…I could only imagine what
    he thinks when he hears all of us call her vagina