10$ Drum – Faded ( Alan Walker )

10$ Drum – Faded ( Alan Walker )

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60 Responses

  1. GoLd3n_ Peppe says:

    The rest of the drum
    isn’t helpful😂😂🤘😂

  2. Daniel Di Paolo says:

    *veramentebravi…ma gliitlianisonomigliori*

  3. Tommy 008 says:

    Why all the cheapest instruments are so little?

    • yeezy boi says:

      Tommy 008 Im a rocket scientist from MIT and both of the mythbuster guys dad so i know, and ive come to the conclusion that Less material is worth less altogether. The more you know 💫

  4. Mari Ajaak says:

    *here is people hating on him, meanwhile im here wondering where he gets the instruments how he plays and why he makes everything look so funny and cute* BIG MARVEL YOU ARE AWESOME !

  5. Unknown Nutella says:

    He upgraded his drumset

  6. RoxyArmy says:

    I thought it was 1$ drum

  7. Tommy Jarvis says:

    *F A D E D ❤*

  8. Daniyal Naveed Khan says:

    Amazing seriously🤗

  9. Got 7 อากาเซ่ says:


  10. žydroji alyva says:

    Whoa! These drums are freaking expensive!

  11. Lara says:

    He broke it !!!!!!!

  12. BTS X ARMYNATICS says:

    *”he’s UNIQUE”*

  13. Blu Sketch says:

    2018 – 2018
    We will all miss you

  14. Pramey Sontakke says:

    Listening faded always made me sad ..but this made me smile 🙂

  15. Yash Misra says:

    Hey dude you break alan walker i think you great

  16. Pixie Imagines BTS says:

    1:15 is giving an example of how my life is going

  17. SushiFairy says:

    I never realized that I needed a miniature drum set until now 🙀!

  18. Mj Vision says:

    It’s so itty bitty

  19. www.GPcarAudio.com says:

    What is this, a drum set for ants?
    How can we be expected to teach children to learn how to read if they can’t even fit inside the building?

  20. Good Leader says:

    Where are you now “CHICKEN OPPA”😢

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