10 Extremely BIZARRE Phobias People Actually Have!

10 Extremely BIZARRE Phobias People Actually Have!

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20 Responses

  1. Nika Bedoidze says:

    i have echophobia

  2. Sean T says:

    I have a fear of huge bodies of water like oceans or lakes, i can swim and
    I enjoy swimming pools etc. but jesus christ the sea is terrifying lol

  3. Θοδωρής Μαύρος says:

    Well, I am pretty sure that I have Trypophobia…

  4. John Doe says:

    I am uncomfortable listen to you because of the hyperactive speed that you
    talk and your wide eyed animated facial expressions.

  5. King Wabbajack says:

    My mum had and has a phobia of ranga beards and she canot be with one for
    more than 10 secs otherwise she can become crazy.

  6. Ali Korin says:

    Bro I swear u are the smartest guy I know!! Keep up the good work! 

  7. William Gaskill says:

    I have kakorrhapiophobia which simply means fear of failure.

  8. Joshua Tungate says:

    Panaphobia is based of Pan, the Greek god of fear. The more you know!

  9. Jack Folds says:

    Top ten most creepy suicied notes

  10. Peter Rivera says:

    I’m Ecophobic. 

  11. Sophie Taylor says:

    I have a phobia of wind turbines. Everyone thinks I’m a weirdo…

  12. Diana Contreras says:

    I have phobia to holes I find theme really gross ugh

  13. RoadTo1Subscriber says:

    I have no fears.. is that bad?

  14. Lauchlan Smith says:

    Oh god… I’m screwed

  15. Timothy Sacrey says:

    ▂▄▅ /▌ /▌ /▌ ▌ ██▅▃▂ Guess who’s back

  16. StoNedMunKee says:

    What do you call the fear of clowns? Every time I see one I either want to
    run away screaming and whimper in some dark corner – or kick it in the
    groin and run. It probably all started with the Killer Klowns movie.

    I’m also pretty freaked out by climbing up stairs and ladders at night. I
    don’t feel like I’m going to fall or anything, but get this feeling like
    somebody is stalking me. Windows at night used to bother me to, but I got
    over it.

  17. omniXenderman says:

    what is the name of the background music?

  18. GingerJess says:

    I have a phobia of answering the home landline or mobile phones… It’s not
    fun :(

  19. achigurh88 says:

    Phobia’s are for narcissists who have no imagination

  20. adithya santosh says:

    *Hey all! Thanks for watching! Be sure to check out my friends *
    *+AsapSCIENCE** and be sure to subscribe! See you all Tuesday!*