10 Jeans Hacks To Keep You Looking Fly AF

10 Jeans Hacks To Keep You Looking Fly AF

Here’s how to wash jeans: don’t.

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I Screw Everything Up
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20 Responses

  1. neon5311 says:

    Does anyone have a hack for when you put nail polish on your jeans

  2. Michelle Wallace says:

    what’s with you guys and spraying alcohol on everything

  3. Jeb says:

    I’m guessing vodka doesn’t help if you shart yourself.

  4. nicole wong says:

    for the gum hack, you can actually refrigerate your jeans. Just place your
    jeans it in a zip lock bag first.

  5. Cutie Pie says:

    Very helpful now I can become a Jean-ious

  6. Eve Mason says:


  7. XxsubstantialxX says:

    da fuq would I need or want Bobby pins in my jeans

  8. LinkHeroBow says:

    also you can stick your jeans in the freezer for 24 hours to get rid of
    unwanted odor

  9. Mae Barry says:

    I can barely fit my finger into the small pocket how do I grab the pins if
    my hand gets stuck…

  10. uMaD ѴӭḸṓẶn says:

    Who sits on gum on a regular basis ? :D

  11. Luhan n Sehun's lollipop says:

    Damn, i always wash ma jeans da outside way. there is no IF!!!

  12. Meredith Ray says:

    You can also use key rings to fix zippers that won’t stay up!

  13. Life After 40 says:

    I see, I dont wash my jeans, so need a new pair monthly, kaching! ;)

  14. Robert Reyes says:

    I take my jeans everywhere and never wash them. The secret is to not wear

  15. Kaisar Yessengali says:

    No vash?! Just Vodka))

  16. VipeFrost says:

    My favourite jean hack is to buy the right size of jeans

  17. John Davies says:

    So those tiny pockets are purely for hair clips?

  18. Justin Gabriel says:

    my favorite is pin folding them to look like joggers :)

  19. Phil Trash #1 says:

    0:49 Umm, I think Phil came up with that first, at least give my fiance
    some credit. God, some people have no respect ?

  20. Lorie Martin says:

    I swear I invented that sock move lol!