10 Kitchen Gadgets put to the Test – Part 11

10 Kitchen Gadgets put to the Test – Part 11

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20 Responses

  1. gabriel mostafa says:

    10:31 it eggsploded

  2. Sans The skeleton says:

    Boom ?. The best part is when he says boom ?

  3. Laimis Vaitkevicius says:

    11:07 😀

  4. mogolfiero says:

    Just throw away those onions they have grown into fresh onions.

  5. Samo Parutka says:

    gadgets that you can use without electricity, has to buy with computer that uses electricity.

  6. Alex Vasiliou says:

    11:07 LOL

  7. Systina says:

    9:40 its for cans…

  8. Ultimate Gamer says:

    I think crh eats a bit wired like if u agree

  9. Jazib Khan says:

    He is so pissed off. 7:05

  10. Nick Gurr says:

    you can cut apples and carrots without electricity 😮

  11. hamoo 550 says:

    عربي حط لايك وقول من اين انت ❤

  12. No_way FAZE says:

    When did he learn chinese? 13:32

  13. Hayden S says:

    Now I realize just how disgusting Taras’s kitchen countertop is at 4:20 and 6:00

  14. Christian Hunter says:

    ” lets put it in for three minutes” as he puts it in for 30 seconds. ?

  15. Eathan Mason says:

    I love when egg drops he’s like huh how dare your manners

  16. Kyle Stratman says:

    “For this gadget I got *microwaver cooker*”

  17. TheRedRaccoonGamming says:


  18. J Lionel Martin says:

    first put the egg into the water and then boil

  19. Zayan Khan says:

    can anyone actually link these gadgets lol

  20. Ali Azzam says:

    Woww thst garlic pealed is amazing- uses hands?

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