10 Match Life Hacks

10 Match Life Hacks

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20 Responses

  1. ಠ_ಠ says:

    Now I can inhale nail polish fumes saying its for survival!

  2. Ram Ghuman says:

    This guy is a genius

  3. Mister “Ninja” Cookie says:

    The next episode he has a hazmat suit and teaches us how to make meth

  4. AshleyTheUnicorn says:

    But there life hacks I should try them at home

  5. jms15 says:

    4:18 “we gon spin this 2 wives together”

  6. Mr. Nice says:

    This was lit.

    Sorry, i couldn’t resist. :(

  7. Guilherme Silva says:

    >life hacks
    >don’t try this at home
    >dude what?

  8. meshari alghanem says:


  9. bob_something21 Wut says:

    The hot glue seems like it would stop the match from burning so no burnt

  10. 13lunt420Media says:

    Fire It .Up!

  11. sahill sekhon says:

    wow guys you can make a fire with a 2 matches and a sparkler in a survival
    situation. you definitely can’t just use 1 match very nice hack

  12. Mr.Tool Box says:

    how he putted the photo of his another video so people click on it to see
    his another video how someone tell me how to put this type of pictures

  13. Shaik Sameer says:

    Pretty cool huh?

  14. MlgDolly says:

    Try not to hurt yourself

  15. Se7enAte says:

    You need to be very careful with the super liquidy hot glue melted from
    fire. My friend and I were working on something and a drop of it landed on
    his hand and melted a pretty deep hole in his skin. No serious injury but a
    very painful burn

  16. DσмιηATE “FarmKid/Adi” says:

    soo when you go camping and you have normal matches you need to bring a
    window with you if match box gets fucked up LOl

  17. Megs Jones says:

    He says the matches are water proof but he just dried them off with his
    shirt, GENIUS

  18. SerbianGamingMaster says:

    Where CrazyRussianHacker lives? America, or Russia? or something third?

  19. fortynineboiledeggs says:

    7:29 ‘we don’t want too much fucks’

  20. Assuass Bayern says:

    10:02 “Small pieces of Twix.”