10 Miniatures That Work Like The Real Thing!

10 Miniatures That Work Like The Real Thing!

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Do you remember Stuart Little? That dude had the dopest little gadgets. A mini car, mini boat and a mini plane too, I think… anyways we found a bunch of DOPE miniatures that work just like the real thing! Now, we can all be stuart little.

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27 Responses

  1. Steven Martinez says:

    How long has Matthias been playing the roll of the Mandarin and has Tony Stark caught on?

  2. Fish Bush says:

    I feel like they were high before the video started 😂😂

  3. KL MB says:

    18:48 me: BRUH IM 12!(well almost 13)

  4. delawarepilot says:

    I can’t believe they still make those safes, I had one when I was a kid, 40 years ago.

  5. Adrián Rocabado says:

    5:18 I see what you did there Tanner and indeed we’re getting lit

  6. DAKOTA says:

    6:21 I thought he was boutta say “top ten products that will get your kids ready for therapy”😂

  7. Motion Panda says:

    Thumbnail: A FRICKING CLOUD

    Video: Small Mist

  8. Aws Washah says:

    You know what I thought would be really cool if dope or nope had there own Color changing cup so it start off as white in cold drinks it blue and hot drinks it’s pink and when it turns blue it says dope and when it pink I says nope like so they can see

  9. Marco Augustine G. Dalumpines says:

    Matt’s hair didn’t disappear it just moved to his chin

  10. Zendel Sayson says:

    “Groop isn’t even a word” ⁉️ How about “Group” ⁉️😅😂 〽️atthias!!

  11. L says:

    16:41 upset no one there got tanners vaping along with us joke 😔

  12. bhavy bbx says:

    Tanner: is that a real miniature knife,we are gonna commit mini murderrrr😂😂

  13. A Scottish Guy says:

    Wait, why was Pat in a mask but Matt and tanner aren’t

  14. Neko Chan says:

    The mama of Dope or Nope: Shenelle
    The mom of Team Edge: Whitney
    We appreciate the mothers

  15. Lucy Owen says:

    I haven’t laughed so hard in months… love that carbonated sodamaker!

  16. Lyrical Lovato says:

    I love how they have fun even when the boss seems grumpy sometimes

  17. UBS! says:

    tanner: wow this rc cars is so fast
    guys with: traxxas rc cars: pathetic

    • Brandon Johnson says:

      Was just about to comment the same thing 😂 they’re like “oh my gosh 9 mph, it’s so fast” mine goes 40+ lol

  18. xPiggitox says:

    21:25 legit has me in tears!!🤣🤣 that couldn’t have made anymore noise😂😂

  19. Doobman2 says:

    16:23 did Tanner start playing Still Dre?? 😂

  20. Rappyrocks says:

    Can we all just focus on the fact he said Europe starts with an U

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