10 Secrets YOU MISSED In Fortnite SEASON 6 EVENT!

10 Secrets YOU MISSED In Fortnite SEASON 6 EVENT!

10 Secrets YOU MISSED In Fortnite SEASON 6 EVENT!
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10 Fortnite SEASON 6 Leaks & Secrets

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61 Responses

  1. Qancily says:

    These videos are great!

  2. Delvo says:


  3. Borzah says:

    I don’t play fortnite but your videos make me feel good

  4. By Post says:

    Great Video Guys! Love It!

  5. RocketRigby says:

    2:10 I thought you said Indian graphics for a sec lmao

  6. ThatOneRandom Gamer says:

    You just proved I’m blind in 10 ways

  7. Flaming Skull says:

    No body can forget their sacrifice 👨‍💼🤖

  8. Rayce Gumpxx says:

    Him: this is probably really important.
    Knowing epic it probably isn’t.

  9. XHelix_1 says:

    2:22 why tf does that look like Ben Kenobi and Luke skywalker

  10. Psycho Kiko says:

    I literally screamed “I WANT YOU AS A SKIN DONT DIE ON ME” during the event while The Foundation sacrificed himself.

  11. 0That_ Kid0 says:

    Actually agent Jonse headband is his tie. But he does has ryu’s glove on his hand

  12. Trixx for Kids says:

    The way he said “Ryu does a HADUKEN” I’m dead😭

  13. A Person says:

    Raz: *is clearly an Indian/Egyptian inspired character*
    Literally everyone: pronounces his name as Raz instead of the culture correct version, which is pronounced more like Roz

  14. Yeetus A Fetus says:

    They added animals, now i can craft a fursuit

  15. Disrrpt says:

    Alternate Title: Proving everybody is dumb in 10 ways

  16. AzTech Games says:

    Interesting note: Chaos Agent’s description says at one point: “Undermine the order.” At first I thought this just meant order as in the opposite of chaos (makes sense) but now I think it could be more to do with the Imagined Order. What do you think?

  17. TimeBucks says:

    I like how peely seems to be inside and outside the loop

  18. Chaotic Re4lm says:

    T5G: Epic did great detailing
    Epic Games: That was not done on purpose
    Also Epic Games: OK, we will take that

  19. Chxrlie says:

    This is Crazy 8

  20. Uzi TheLordScorpion says:

    i think Raz is one of the people who touched kevin the cube and became the dark version of them selfs but Raz can control it somehow.
    that is my theory.

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