10 Slicers Gadgets put to the TEST

10 Slicers Gadgets put to the TEST

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20 Responses

  1. Parmeet Singh says:

    Anyone wanna help out a small Youtuber would honestly mean the world to me
    guys much love !!!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤????

  2. Naomi MSP says:

    Early OMG earliest I have ever been that’s sad

  3. Matt Boyajian says:

    I swear on my moms life i will like this comment

    you swore

  4. Ashly Bryan says:

    im waiting for CRH to come out with his own kitchen gadgets

  5. TheEliteGaming says:

    The core tastes awesome!
    Are you sure?
    *eats core*

  6. FPS_Sho0ter says:

    “The Cake Cutter” is a cake leveler isn’t it?

  7. Polar Bear says:

    Petes not even helping he just eats every single finished product

  8. Wilson Lin says:

    Lets play Tara’s roulette every 6th like GOES BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! thumbs up
    for me!

  9. Troy Burtwell says:

    “Taking it out is more difficult than putting it in”… I agree Pete… I

  10. Generic Bleach says:

    1:36 – 1:50 look at the far right of the screen??

  11. Sofia Martins says:

    That’s not a cake slicer! It’s a cake leveler!

  12. Jacqueline Fitzy says:

    Who is at the back door @9:15-9:34????

  13. Peyton Brown says:

    i sware on my mom I will like this. YOU SWORE COMMON

  14. Vedder Palmer says:

    I didn’t realise you were so tall. I’m guessing Rhetts height (from GMM),
    so maybe around 6’7?

  15. Bad Drivers of Connecticut says:

    They are starting to sound like a married couple in this lol

  16. Help Me Reach 10,000 Subs With No Videos says:



  17. Tomislav Oreski says:

    10:45 hahahah that laught

  18. TechNomad says:

    5:00 Isn’t a cake cutter, it’s a cake leveler. Its used for when you take a
    plain cake out of the oven and it is uneven so you use the leveler to make
    the top of the cake super flat.

  19. Alexandre Duhamel says:

    Notice a 9:20 min there is someone in the background… ?

  20. [GD] ImaSuper says:


    i didn’t know you had 2 dogs.