10 Songs with Creepy Hidden Messages!

10 Songs with Creepy Hidden Messages!

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20 Responses

  1. Danny 'Sevens' says:

    I hope STAN is on here, or ‘Real slim shady’

  2. ChiPpiLa Stelko says:

    Matt, I demand you make a second part of ”Subliminal messages in songs”.

    There is just too much to cover.

  3. punkindonutguy says:

    Some say if you play any Matthew Santoro videos backwards, he is seen with a full head of hair.

  4. The Trammell says:

    Erif sti ,epatxim ym tuo kcehc

  5. JosieB says:

    If you listen to rock or metal people still profile you as a satanist. I have a couple band tees with Satan on them because I don’t give a fuck, neither does Satan, he’s super accepting of what you do in life.

  6. ScaryBubblegum says:

    In all honesty, lots of “hidden messages” in songs played backwards are actually just your brain associating the sounds with what you are told it “says”. It’s just fear mongering and it does get on my nerves.

  7. My memes to dank 4 u says:

    Yo pumped up kicks is about a school shooting so that won next

  8. Kayzz says:

    these reverse messages are all fake sorry to break it to you but when artists intentionally put reverse messages in their music it’s very obvious to hear but when it comes to these ones you say to someone that they are saying anything and when they listen to it their brain will convince them that the artist is saying this

  9. Steallastarz Alpha says:


  10. Ismael Valenzuela says:


  11. Roly says:

    Idk why but backwards talking and music really freaks me out!

  12. Gnaw On Knowledge says:

    my favorite song is the Veggie Tales song. When I play it backwards it says “eat your veggies or die of heart disease”!

  13. Unreal Warrior says:

    Apparently if you watch Skrek backwards it’s about a ogre terrorising a village and locking a princess in a tower.

  14. Michael Jack's son says:

    me me big boy

  15. derchesten says:

    Some people say if you play Justin Bieber’s songs backwards you can hear Satan speaking, but if you play them normally, it’s even worse, you hear Justin Bieber

  16. Dallas Mann says:

    Happy 21st birthday to my lonely ass 😀

  17. Yammy says:

    In Matthew’s eyes, you can see 3 dots or balls of light… One at the top, two on the bottom left and right…
    They form a triangle….

    *Matthew is Illuminati Confirmed*

  18. Not Edgy says:

    what about That Poppy – Lowlife ?

  19. Kirill Botayev says:

    Hotel California is actually a song about rehab and alcoholism… Please Matt check out that theory cause it makes the most sense! “The beast” is a metaphor for alcoholism; while, “you can check out anytime you like, but can never leave” is about the fact that you are free (i.e. your consent) to go, but you won’t be able to give up drinking… And so on, and so forth

  20. whimsy says:

    Not exactly a well known song, but the vocaloid song “Secrets of Wysteria” (it’s in english) is already pretty creepy when played normally but when played backwards, the letter written by Albert Fish (a cannibal and serial killer) to the parents of one of his victims is read. I wouldn’t recommend watching it at night.

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