10 Things Lil Uzi Vert Can’t Live Without | GQ

10 Things Lil Uzi Vert Can’t Live Without | GQ

When Lil Uzi Vert hits the road there are a few things he can’t live without. From his BIC lighter and his Goyard backpack to his Chance Cologne by Chanel and cocoa lotion, these are Lil Uzi Vert’s travel essentials.

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10 Things Lil Uzi Vert Can’t Live Without | GQ

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52 Responses

  1. Isaac Hernandez says:

    Uzi was one of those kids at PE that would spray the whole axe can on him

  2. many Anxietys says:

    3:28 the way he looks around and says “ try it “ and pushes it to them ??

  3. Tarxann:/ says:

    10 things lil uzi fans can’t live without
    1. *Eternal Atake*

  4. Daniel Mackic says:

    Uzi just boosted the stocks in like 4 different companies

  5. You know what you should do says:

    His eyes are so dark, in certain shots it looked like his iris took up his entire eyeball

  6. Chris T says:


    “I like da arm and hammer” ???

  7. Colby is Lit says:

    Idk why uzi flicking a bag of muffins is so funny to me

  8. Jason Young says:

    Is he doing promotion perhaps for a new album??? Just a thought…

  9. Aidan Zhao says:

    #1 essential:

    The word ‘yeah’

  10. Alberto Zunun says:

    A part of this video is gonna be a meme, mark my words

  11. Xavier Allen says:

    Finally! I see something I use that a celebrity uses lol. Arm and Hammer toothpaste is good fr

  12. JUICÉ says:

    is it me those it feels like I aint heard uzi talk in a long time.

  13. JUICÉ says:

    GQ: you gotta come to us for the interview



  14. Aidan Dunaway says:

    “I use this thing like a snuggie with no arms… a blanket.” Lmao

  15. Jean Himel says:

    I saw that giant green vehicle on a side street off Rittenhouse Square. Now I know who it was for.

  16. dunno says:

    Anyone else think uzi’s changed a bit? He seems less sassy and more mature now I like it

  17. Ohh Fantah says:

    11th should be he can’t live without teasing his album for years on years

  18. hayden bmx says:

    director: how many do u eat?
    uzi: about 2 boxes
    director: 2 boxes per week?
    uzi: nah per day

  19. Gavin Cole says:

    10 Things Uzi Fans Can’t Live Without: ETERNAL ATAKE | GQ

  20. TC 2882 says:

    I’m gonna show this video to my great grandkids when Eternal Atake drops in 2098

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