10 Things Stranger Things’ Dacre Montgomery Can’t Live Without | GQ

10 Things Stranger Things’ Dacre Montgomery Can’t Live Without | GQ

Dacre Montgomery, famous for playing Billy in Stranger Things and driving around in a ’79 Camaro, has a few things he can’t live without. From his sunnies to his Saint Christopher necklace that he even wore as Billy in Stranger Things, Dacre shows us everything he travels with.

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10 Things Stranger Things’ Dacre Montgomery Can’t Live Without | GQ

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61 Responses

  1. Hello Michelle says:

    y’all didn’t know he had a girlfriend…oh- that’s tuff.?

  2. Cristi Oglinzeanu says:

    He was putting on an American accent this whole time WTFFFF

  3. isabella geiger says:

    he said “my girlfriend got me these” like i don’t remember buying him sunglasses???

  4. Hailey x says:


  5. Grace says:

    Anyone going to tell him his eye drops expired 3 years ago?

  6. GisylleGlam says:

    Me: Oh my gosh, he is too gorgeous I can’t hear anything he’s saying.

    Dacre: “My girlfriend”

    Me: -_- well….

  7. Charlotte Buitenhuis says:

    *daddy* montgomery being an angelic blessing for almost 6 minutes straight

  8. gacha cookie says:

    He’s such a down to earth, laid back, sweet guy! Nothing like Billy.

  9. jannat mimu says:

    Why did I feel a little heart break when he said his “girlfriend” got him those sunglass. ?????

  10. ASMR’S R US says:

    He said “my girlfriend”, and my heart broke a lil.

  11. T Z% says:

    “My girlfriend got me theses”
    *mrs.wheeler has left the chat*

  12. Indrid Cold says:

    I’m going to get some of that cologne so my pillows will smell like Dacre Montgomery at night

  13. LORD PACO says:

    Nice with that jabra finally somethin sane, everybody like more the earpods and it’s completely trash.

  14. K A Y B O N I T A says:

    What do you mean your girlfriend ? ? it’s okay she’s holding you until I can meet you lol ?

  15. Boy In Blue says:

    Let’s stop talking about his girlfriend and appreciate his amazing performance in Stranger Things 3

    I hope we get flashbacks of Billy in Season 4

  16. Electro Shot says:

    *Nobody out here thinking that Dacre is supernatural because of his ability to live without food and water?!?!?*

  17. bankaispirits says:

    He’s too good looking to not have a GF lmao what were y’all thinkin’

  18. Labyirnth II says:

    Wow, he’s really, educated on his style tips. I like that.

  19. Jack Clarke says:

    Anyone know what brand of Sunnies the first two pairs are?

  20. Nabeel Audah says:

    “They’re noise cancelling”

    I guess i need it for me to wear on a family dinner.

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