10-Year-Old Olivia Wilde Met Chris Farley

10-Year-Old Olivia Wilde Met Chris Farley

Olivia Wilde tells James about the time she met Chris Farley at a Saturday Night Live after party and they shared brownies.

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20 Responses

  1. MaiIrynna says:

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  2. Lisiate Toefoki says:

    lol… chris Farley… legend

  3. JuiceBrenner She-Male says:

    Chris Farley…. his love for children was only surpassed by his love of
    drugs and prostitutes.

    where David Spade falls in that equation, no one knows….

  4. Jake C (PopCultureDork) says:

    There will NEVER be another like Chris Farley

  5. Dan Stevens says:

    People keep calling Farley a great man, but he wasn’t.. His death, while
    tragic, should be a lesson to you all! Without Jesus Christ, nothing in
    this world will ever satisfy you. He died being addicted to alcohol and
    hard drugs. The same can be said for Olivia Wilde, whom is a big drunkard,
    and prominent of drug use.. See a trend here? .. Any wonder why most in
    hollywood are addicted to drugs and alcohol? It’s end is always depression,
    suffering and death. Then you have hell to look forward to, to be tortured
    in the lake of fire for eternity. John 3:16-21, God has already condemned
    each one of you to hell. No matter how you personally feel about anything,
    that’s where you’re going. Does a cow believe that they’re going to be
    killed while following other cows into the slaughter house? Nope.. Did the
    Jews being put onto boxcars, know where they were headed? Many of them
    thought they were just being relocated.. many others thought something
    else.. but each one of them died. Didn’t matter what they personally
    thought. Just like ALL of you reading this. You are a guilty sinner,
    because of that one time you lied, that 1 time you looked at anther person
    with lust, that one time you cursed, insulted or was angry at someone, that
    one time you stole, that one time you disobeyed your parents, that one time
    you blashemed God’s name. That’s all it takes, 1 lie.. and you’re hell
    bound. BUT Did you know what God did for us guilty sinners out of His
    unconditional love? He sent Jesus Christ, His ONLY Begotton son, to pay our
    fine for us! So that we can be saved and go to Heaven, not hell. Heaven is
    eternal comfort, joy, bliss, no pain or suffering, forever! New bodies,
    never aging, never knowing sorrow or pain. Hell is the opposite. All you
    have to do to attain this salvation is believe in Jesus Christ as your
    savior. Chris Farley was a roman catholic, whom thought that he had to
    perform rituals, and do other “good deeds” to earn salvation. It doesn’t
    work that way, (See Ephesians 2:8-9), it’s by Grace ALONE through Faith
    ALONE in Jesus Christ ALONE. Not of works. Farley died because of his false
    beliefs. It wasn’t just his drug addictions and pornography, it was his
    thinking that if he did enough good, he can somehow outweigh his bad…
    Nope. All you need is belief alone in Jesus Christ, and to come to
    repentance of your sins (Which God helps you with, as soon as you put your
    faith in Jesus!) Then, you don’t want to sin! Farley kept doing it.. like
    all catholics.. but they too are hell bound.

  6. ABeans07 says:

    Why was a 10 year old at a afterparty for SNL?

  7. Tommyboy80808 says:

    I’d bang that so hard

  8. Robert Holik says:

    I call bullshit, a 10 year old at a party?

  9. neokoga says:

    James, for the love of pete can you stop being such a close talker on the
    show. I mean your head is in the frame more than half the time.

    That said this was a wonderful story from Olivia.

  10. Michelle O says:

    aw this warms my heart 🙁 he was such a funny sweet person w/ so many
    demons 🙁 rip! <3

  11. J Walters says:

    Cool story, but I don’t believe Ms. Wilde was ever fat.

  12. AKABoondock19 says:

    Chris Farley was the funniest man in the world

  13. Charger Dave says:

    Wasnt Drew Barrymore partying even younger than 10

  14. ZeroC00L001 says:

    thats hilarious

  15. samplexample says:

    lawl i love Farley, but i hate these bitches like Olivia Wilde.

    They always tout how they were fat and ugly even though theyre obv hot as
    hell. Its all just publicity for the fat tweens that need a role model…
    so lame. but funny story..

  16. Yummy Sounds says:

    This Chris Farley story warmed my chubby heart…. :3 <3

  17. Irishman checkin in says:

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    is actually copy pasting his garbage troll into every reply. Dan Stevens is
    a turd. If you actually fall for this terribly obvious troll follow these
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    all of my internets” as loud as you can. 4) Smash your modem into small
    enough pieces to fit in crackerjack box. 5) Feel satisfaction that youve
    made the internet a much smarter place. 6) re read step 5 until you grasp
    what I’m getting at here. 7) If steps 5 and 6 dont work, plug your computer
    into said crackerjack box and continue to enjoy all the internets you can
    imagine. U C WAT I DID THAR?

  18. saturday sunday says:

    That story made me laugh :)

  19. dan bay says:

    God her face is sexy.

  20. Rafael Trivino says:

    I can see Chris Farley doing that. XD