100 Drops – [Salty Towers]

100 Drops – [Salty Towers]

Fortnite Support a Creator Tag – “luke-thenotable”

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Thumbnail Art – Maeder (Commissions OPEN)

Cameo – Tors

Cameo – Holly

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58 Responses

  1. Franklin Richardson says:

    I haven’t even played Fortnite in so long, and I’m still obsessed with 100 drops

  2. Mando says:

    “Like your great great great great grandfather, I died” -Luke TheNotable 2021

  3. Sn34k says:

    “Master Wick isn’t real. He can’t hurt you”
    Master Wick: “Come with me if you want to live”

    • I have an unoriginal profile picture says:

      If Epic ever adds swappable heads outside of LTMs, you’d hypothetically be able to play as Master Wick.

      Or, if they bring back the John Wick’s Bounty LTM, you could play as Master Chief with John Wicks body.

      Just saying, Epic has added swappable heads before, with the exception of Peely and other weird skins, they could’ve added this to the game long ago.

      Cases of Epic adding Swappable Heads:
      Back in Chapter 1, Epic temporarily added an LTM where one team had Durrr Burger heads, and the other had Tomatohead Heads.
      Chapter 1: Season 9, Epic added an LTM where all male skins had John Wick’s body, and female skins had Rook’s body.
      A while after that, Epic adds a mode that almost identical to the John Wick LTM minus a few things, including the John Wick body. I believe they replaced the LTMs John Wick body with some forgettable skin that wasn’t part of any crossover, probably due to legal reasons.
      NFL Rumble had something similar, where they would swap your skin with an NFL team player, however I believe it replaced the entire skin.

      Unless I’m missing something, Epic has added swappable heads in LTMs, and they could probably make it a permanent feature.

      Also, you could (in theory) put Lazarbeams head on Meowscles body, giving you Buff Lazarbeam.

      Edit 2: Combine fat Jonesy with Lazarbeam for fat Lazarbeam. Epic pls give us skin combining for Fat Lazarbeam.

      Edit 3: Frozen Fishsticks head on Mystiques body, for the TRUE female fishstick.
      Ninja’s head on The Devourers body.
      The head of Travis Scott on the body of The Predator.
      These are just a few I came up with on the spot. Although there’d be some bugs (I.E Reactive skins and built-in emotes would probably act weird) it would have infinite meme potential. Also, if you’re thirsty, Loserfruits head in the body of Beach Bomber. If Epic has the time and resources to model, texture, code and implement an invincible book just because a streamer asked them to, they probably have the time to add Fat Lazarbeam.

    • Just A random gamer says:

      @I have an unoriginal profile picture buffbeam

    • COOKIE KING GOD says:


    • Lego Anakin Skywalker says:

      Come with me if you want to be illegal.

    • Just A random gamer says:

      @Lego Anakin Skywalker no you

  4. The leaf observer says:

    I dont play fortnite im here for this mans voice and narrating style

  5. Victor 567 says:

    You know that John wick and master chief thumbnail would make an awesome icon skin for Luke (remember to like so it’s suggested)

  6. Sam Chaim says:

    Didn’t even know this place existed until today lol

  7. Darth Revan says:

    I’ll be honest, I forgot Fortnite existed.

  8. VG Healer says:

    Luke: makes one hundred drops
    Everyone: so what about tier one hundred one day

  9. TrippaMazing87 says:

    “Better than the charge…”
    Charge Stans: *”amazing, everything you just said is wrong..”*

  10. Isaac Robertson says:

    Lukethenotable: the only thing I feel when I kill my enemies is recocoil
    Also Luke: I keep on killing because it’s the only thing that makes me feel alive

    So which is it *Mr. Notable* ?

  11. Susi says:

    Petition to change back the titles to “and this is what happened”

  12. Wilbur Half says:

    i dont even like fortnite im just watching cus its luke

  13. FlyingPanda38YT says:

    Still waiting for 200 days with Tors

  14. Keir Slaughter says:

    I wouldn’t even be mad that if he was to rap the whole thing.

  15. Jude C says:

    Ha, jokes on you, my great-great-great-grandfather isn’t dead

  16. Alexander Vasquez says:

    Now all we need is,”I unlocked baby yoda in 1 day.”

  17. mr charles says:

    “Suffering makes good content”


  18. Vygo says:

    been a year since i touched this game 🙁

  19. Landyn Ostergren says:

    “What’s up fortnite fans it’s lukethenotable” best lines 😔😔

  20. Ashley J says:

    Luke: Salty Towers really set me up for –
    Also luke: *insert high pitch girl scream here*

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