100 Pork Ribs vs Matt Stonie (15,000+ Calories)

100 Pork Ribs vs Matt Stonie (15,000+ Calories)

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First I was thinking Barbecue, then craving Ribs, then a few Racks of Ribs, then 100 Ribs!!


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20 Responses

  1. ruben koning says:

    255 dollars is freeking expensive, isn’t it?

  2. JimOnFoot says:

    How do you not gain weight?

  3. Joub Javl says:

    How is he not fat

  4. corndog984 says:

    does bruv even have other organs besides his stomach in his body?? how does he have room?????

  5. Gun nut 1911 says:

    How long do u think he sits on the toilet for after eating all of that

  6. Ijuniper says:

    How do you loose all that fat

  7. Melanie Alatorre says:

    Eat the biggest sandwich from subway

  8. Narwhal Derp says:

    I would love to eat 100 ribs

  9. lightgigas says:

    I feel for Morgan every time you do a challenge get him some too.

  10. Anastasia James says:

    that’s like way to much pork that this man is about to eat wtf youtube aint that important for challenges or anything else to keep doing shit that’s gonna sent yo ass to the fucking hostipal you crazy as fuck.

  11. Enchers Of Lyf says:

    You eating reminds me of how I can’t afford such luxuries of food challenges.

  12. YoungDesigner says:

    8 pigs were killed on the making of this video.

  13. BLACK WINGS says:

    I wanna write something worthless…what’s in my mind?
    You will answer me what’s in yours now…
    Yes I know…I have super powers

  14. Fat battlefield Kid says:

    My pork ribs are cooking am going demolish the shit out of them

  15. Unitrip says:

    please do a gallon of bleach challenge

  16. Babaliciousgamer says:

    “He said I am done with protein for THE DAY” lol any other person would be done with protein for a month at least.

  17. Mia Gordon says:

    Does he throw up 🤢 for like a hour for eating all that food 🥘

  18. Jordan Banana says:

    2017 is not your year 2015 was

  19. Aiden Zigich says:

    Why do you do this to your self

  20. kevin wang says:

    animals fear of the matt stonie

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