100 Years of Beauty – Episode 10: Germany (Brooke)

100 Years of Beauty – Episode 10: Germany (Brooke)

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Produced, Directed, and Edited by Cut.com

Brooke Williams

Cara Aeschliman – Makeup (http://caraaeschliman.com/)
Erin Skipley – Hair (http://erinskipley.com/)
Michelle Rein – Hair
Christopher Santo Domingo Chan – Research
Cara Aeschliman – Accessories
Jen Kim – PA
Marissa Alves – PA

Jeffrey Brodsky – March On

Behind the scenes and high res images:

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20 Responses

  1. Amanda Guimarães says:

    Were the 80s that bad in Germany?

  2. RainbowDaisys says:

    Germany definitely has the best 80s style, hot damn

  3. mangokitty78 says:

    Ich dachte, dass DDR-Punk war nicht weit verbreitet. Ich erinnere mich an
    Düsseldorf ist der Ursprung des Punk? Was denken Sie, deutschen Freunde?

  4. rowel says:

    Hungary. :)

  5. Ece Buberkoku says:

    Wanna see turkey

  6. shararehali says:

    That’s mostly inaccurate…

  7. Juka_Neko says:

    100 Years of Beauty – japan!!!!

  8. Sxchi says:

    I need to know how to do the 90’s look

  9. Varoonpon Sarapun says:

    I want to watch 100 years of beauty Thailand.Because they never do like
    this. ==

  10. Jessica Victoria Carrillo says:

    Now do Japan, England, Scotland, Ireland, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa,
    France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway,
    Poland, Greece, China, Thailand, Australia, Canada, Brazil, etc : )

  11. negawut™ says:

    SIEG HEIL! :)

  12. Ivan Montes says:

    U. K. Whit punks and skinheads girls <3 

  13. Sweet Bananapancake says:

    Episode 11 : France !!

  14. Mert Ayaz says:

    German women really nice.1950 East style, 1970 East-style beautiful.2010
    style not bad.Please do a study like this to Turkey.

  15. Andrea Ylaya says:


  16. Ria Matthews says:

    Make an Ethiopian one pleeeease 

  17. Kevin Gurung says:


  18. Mr322m says:


  19. Timi P says:

    I would like to see Episode “Hungary” But I think so, now it would be the
    correct, if the next 3-4 “100 years of Beauty” videos present some country
    of America, Asia, Africa, Australia or Oceania.

  20. Blood Root says:

    Do France please