100 Years Of Dance (GAME)

100 Years Of Dance (GAME)

Which decade from the last 100 years are Derek Hough’s dance moves from? We’re shuffling along to see who the true dancing king is. GMM #1467

Catch Derek on World of Dance’s Season 3 premiere Monday, Feb 25th on NBC! and then Sundays starting Mar 3rd.

Also, see Derek dance LIVE on his national tour April-June! Tix and info at http://derekhough.com

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52 Responses

  1. HasHasDre says:

    get Gordon Ramsay

    and give him crap food + good food in some type of challenge

  2. Naomi Nnedi says:

    I love how these guys aren’t afraid to try new things fearlessly.

  3. JJack says:

    I can’t believe they got Ryan Reynolds on gmm

  4. Emma Dohar says:

    Ellie is a mood?

  5. Moxie Beast ASMR says:

    All the crew and partners did great!!! Derek’s a sweetheart 🙂

  6. Niss & Chloe says:

    Ellie is a whole mood. ? “I’m confident” ….. “I’m having a panic attack.” “Okay, I’m back on.” Hahahah

    • Tina Haller says:

      Stop glorifying panic attacks. I have them every now and then and they mimic the symptoms of a heart attack. Not remotely funny. How I ended up in debt to my local er.

    • Byxten Sten says:

      If you get offended this easiely I suggest you shouldn’t spend much time on the internet… and noone was even trying to offend you and you still got offended.

    • MonAhgasInsomniAroELF says:

      +Tina Haller I also have serious panic and anxiety attacks, but i still found it funny, and joke about panic attacks myself. You’re only going to stress yourself out more if you get hung up on small things. Literally anything can be made into something offensive. Learn to fight the battles that matter. There are much more offensive things people say that actually cause serious damage. This, although technically somewhat insensitive, is not one of them, friend.

    • Stephanie Ann says:

      +MonAhgasInsomniAroELF Exactly. I get them every othet day and I make jokes constantly about them. Trying to laugh them off makes it easier for me and for a lot of people. If you take it seriously all the time, you’re gonna have a really hard time.

    • MonAhgasInsomniAroELF says:

      +Stephanie Ann Same! It’s much easier to cope if you can laugh about it! ?

  7. Kenneth Smotherman says:

    Dancing with the stars would I be on the show I think not but I do know how to dance let’s dance.

  8. lumos says:

    Please change the game rules so correctly guessing the right decade is also worth points. Guessing right can be worth 1 point and landing right can be 2 points. I think it’d make the game more competitive. Have a mythical day! 🙂

  9. Erndaworm says:

    Poor Link ??Ellie looked really nice ?

  10. That Guy says:

    I love how link was right about every decade but still got 0 points

  11. Jonathan Lackner says:

    Why he look like Leo DiCaprio

  12. jlwogan says:

    Ill say it everytime shes in a video. Bethany looking cute

  13. Jessica Ross says:

    Derik created a great atmosphere in the studio today, please bring him back. The man has talent, more than Link has to the game shuffle board…or me at shuffle board to be honest!

  14. Matthew Lyons says:

    I love how they set up these repeating game formats such as darts for items from different parts of the world and a shuffleboard for different decades

  15. A W says:

    Bethany was so in love with that guy haha she kept touching his arm

  16. Bmills 7 says:

    Why is Rhett’s slider dabbing?

  17. Ace Spade says:

    Derek literally looks like a mixture between Rhett and Link

  18. NeluTheCurious says:

    Ellie saying “I’m having a panic attack” and then a few seconds later saying, “I’m back on” is the kind of attitude I would like to have in life

  19. Jay C says:

    He should play Ken in that Barbie movie they’re making with margot robbie

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