$1000 Chicken Wing Taste Test

$1000 Chicken Wing Taste Test

Are these chicken wings worth their weight in gold? We’ve got our own version of the $1000 chicken wings to see for ourselves.  GMMore #1398

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80 Responses

  1. Spencer Sidmore says:

    I think there’s something wrong with that cake.

  2. Avery Lopez-Baines says:

    ¡Feliz cumpleaños Rhett!

  3. Kay0402 says:

    Please do another will it, they are the best!!!!!!!!!

    Happy birthday Rhett!

  4. Megan Tabatadze says:


  5. Robert Guajardo says:

    Chicken wings are awesome and I feel like they did trick candles at first

  6. Edgar Talan Poe says:

    It took Rhett 31 blows to blow out the candles.

  7. OneInchDeep says:

    Ive never seen anyone need to read the directions of how to open a twist-off $3.99 bottle of sparkling wine before… Good one Link.

  8. Angela G says:

    I REALLY shouldn’t have googled that!!! 😳😷😧

    • ~MiChJeSu22~ says:

      I usually Google the “don’t google that” topics, but I think I’m gonna pass on this one…

    • Tareq Younis says:

      ~MiChJeSu22~ it’s not bad actually. just people with missing eyes and extraocular implants and a few nasty infections lol. Nothing you’ve never seen before. except maybe the implants part. Never seen anyone do that.

  9. Sumayya Amos says:

    Having a plate of wings in front of me and not being able to eat it would bum me out majorly.

  10. I AM IRONCLAW! says:

    “Here’s a $1000 birthday gift for you, Rhett… Chicken Wings! Too bad you can’t eat them.”

  11. JJCunningCreeper says:

    Rhett Blows Birthday Candles – 10 Hour Version

  12. Ilya kim says:

    Nothing can beat the pizza cake that Link surprised Rhett with couple of years ago. That was awesome!
    I want to wish all the best to Rhett and his family & thank him for keeping me entertained through all these years. The amount of joy I get, and laughs I’ve had is uncountable and I am eternally grateful for that. Happy birthday Rhett!

  13. I'm lost, please help. says:

    I stopped to Google, “Eye Socket” and now I need a rest period before I finish the rest of the video.

  14. The Larson Fan 8842 says:

    *When half this video is Rhett blowing candles*

  15. I'm lost, please help. says:

    Today’s birthday episodes:
    GMM= Expectations
    GMMORE= Reality

  16. YourLocalCheeseMan says:

    Rhett looked so depressed after he found out what happened to the wings

  17. LittleRedHaired Girl says:

    Happy birthday, baby Rhett. 👶🏻 In my family, no one ages over 36 because that’s how many candles are in a box.

  18. Jessica Ross says:

    You know you are in for a treat when it takes 2 minutes to blow out candles with Link singing back up.
    A little older and a little braver allowing Link to open another champagne bottle😁😉 Happy birthday Rhett!!!

  19. Aaron Jensen says:

    If it’s not truly 24kt gold then it probably contains copper which would react with the vinegar in the buffalo sauce.

  20. Sarah Bumpus says:

    aww i feel like we should all go eat some really good wings today in honor of rhett’s bday

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