We filled a giant balloon with orbeez and popped the balloon.

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70 Responses

  1. GamingWithKen says:

    Who’s hyped for Christmas??

  2. Corrupt Data says:

    WOW, Can You Make A Vid Where You Put 100’s Of Sodas In Your Backyard And Activate Them All With Mentos.

  3. Alex Daulo says:

    It wouldn’t be a Mr.beast video without hot glue

    Like if you agree

  4. potato guy 9000 says:

    Mr beast actually has a twin Brother actually so

  5. Zero Cool says:

    7:47 lmao its the 399 chair!!

  6. Devin Notto says:

    Put hot fudge in the microwave

  7. Meam dosage says:

    Put ur friends phone in the microwave an smash it then buy them a new one

  8. Mr.Beast says:

    Subscribe or we’ll put 100,000,000 orbeez in your backyard and we won’t clean it up!

  9. Hyper Sonic says:

    are you dissatisfied with your split orange?

  10. SteamedBunGaming says:

    Is the man behind all those genius life hacks… Vsauce?

  11. Imad Shaheed says:

    Does me beast acuallty make these or does he just do a voiceover

  12. Felix Ochoa says:

    Mr.beast face reveal, no way!!

  13. Matthew Guy says:

    The comment below is true

    The statement above is false

    • MLG Taco says:

      Why u *bULLy mE*

    • Sarmad HAck says:

      I’m so confused

    • Eraloss n Stuff says:

      Lemme get this straight…

      If the comment below is true, that means the top comment is false because the statement says it is false, but if the comment below is false that means the statement above is true. Therefore…

      The comment below is FALSE

      The statement above is TRUE

      However, the top statement in my new one says the statement is false, there the statement above is FALSE, and the comment below is actually true because the bottom statement says false. So we are left with…

      The comment below is TRUE

      The statement above is FALSE

      P.S. this took me like 5 minutes lol

  14. 1k subs with no videos says:

    *Pretend I said something funny*

    • HeronMax Z says:

      Lol ?

    • MOOMAD Playz says:


    • Bonnie 520 says:

      1k subs with no videos # cringe

    • jonathan 285 says:

      Lmao ?

  15. Tiger Force 007 says:

    The person who narrates should make a YouTube channel

  16. Dylan Toska says:

    9:47 thank me later

  17. 666 LactoseFreeOcto666 says:

    Ahh that Pokémon music feeds my ears thankkk you

  18. GT Rekt YT says:

    who else thought mr.beast and cris sounded tired

  19. EMLG TRA says:

    On rock paper sisors i just made exactly what you said

  20. Dark Raven says:

    What is this channel about
    First time watcher

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