$11 Salad Vs. $95 Salad

$11 Salad Vs. $95 Salad

“TBH, this episode is mostly not salads.“

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49 Responses

  1. Duck Linsenmayer says:

    Ok guys, time to get real.

    Regular water: free

    Kona Nigari Water: $402 per bottle

    Yes, three different drinks of water at three different price points.

  2. coleeg69 says:

    Its only 95 bucks because of the meat! That’s cutting corners guys!

    • Bookie 4life says:

      coleeg69 they can’t really go expensive with a salad, it would be worse if they just put caviar and gold on a salad.

  3. Sir Trollsalot says:

    The last one is a steak meal… with a side salad. Seems kind of unfair.

    • jzizzles says:

      but the papaya salad won?

    • Adnan Nayyer says:

      Yeah thats what i thought …… Salad should be all about chopped up raw and fresh veggies with unique dressings. A vegetable should be the hero there, like Cucumber my fav thing about a Salad.

      That last dish was not a salad at all. May they were bored of eating all those greens previously so they went for a steak and called it a salad.

    • ben shalev says:

      They prolly just wanted a good steak

    • Sir Trollsalot says:

      jzizzles That’s a testament to how good it must have been, because the steak dish had a huge advantage.

  4. Demi Nicole says:

    Who else thinks $11 is already too much for some salad ?

    • Thea Chambers says:

      Obviously have never had papaya salad before. It’s not like your generic American salad. Definitely worth the price and 11 isn’t even that bad for the portion size.

    • Andí Andí says:

      Jennifer Bannink carrots are better than a papaya.

    • John McCarthy says:

      Thea Chambers Yeah your right I’m more into the American burgers filled with meat and not the stuff my food eats.

    • Thea Chambers says:

      John McCarthy so edgy. Have fun with heart disease 🙂 your fat ass body will fertilize my plants mmmm.

    • Thea Chambers says:

      I also find it funny you automatically assume I’m some kind of vegan lol.

  5. Golden Eagle 508 says:

    Andrew : this is the best steak we’ve had by far

    $300 steak : am I a joke to you

  6. Arul Shrivastava says:

    Andrew and Steven. A better love story than twilight

  7. Emily Russell says:

    The best part of all these episodes of Worth It, is watching Andrew become more comfortable and start to adopt Steven’s sense of humor?

  8. Kaylen Aldridge says:

    You are finishing this plate young man ~Andrew ?????…… the official phrase of the year

  9. Shane Año says:

    6:36 back to when andrew couldnt fathom steven’s food bumps but fast forward to the present where they couldnt go pass an episode without at least one food bump


  10. Potassuim_Cation says:

    Chef: “How can you have pizza without salad?”
    College students, the military, pool parties: Looks down at pizza without salad.

    • Requiem for a Meme says:

      Every Local Pizza Place: Howsa bouta hunk of iceberg lettuce drowned in Italian dressing and a fistful of tasteless tomatoes with a confetti of spicy white onions? Free croutons you can prop up a coffee table with! Vegan, gluten-free, and only $7.95!

  11. rhea says:

    I expected the salad from the most expensive restaurant to be more than just Arugula with some dressing. Adam definitely got the better one: celery salad. The first two spots highlighted the salad well.

  12. daydreamer says:

    This NEEDS to be a show on Netflix!

  13. CYANNE GeertRuida says:

    Buzzfeed : $11 Salad Vs. $95 Salad
    Also buzzfeed :”TBH this episode is mostly not salads.“
    Me : I kinda feel betrayed…

  14. Adam Klassen says:

    “You can’t have a great meal without Adam” No truer words have ever been spoken!

  15. Jack Klein says:

    You guys should do worth it cities where u just pick the best food at the three price points in a certain city. This wouldn’t be confined by a theme it just has to be a popular food place in the city

  16. jay22098 says:

    not fair. that last salad isnt a salad dish but a steak dish with side salad. guess they had trouble finding an expensive salad

  17. Exlisity Gaming says:

    First Salad Fact gets read out:
    Kids who read Percy Jackson: ???

  18. Wherearetheavocados ?!!!!! says:

    Vegans: Oh a Salad episode

    5 min later……

    ????JuICy MeAt


  19. Laugh o lots W says:

    Not sure if it been considered but if there are more seasons to come. A worth it Bubble tea episode + trip to Taiwan? ?

    Loved this season so far and am excited for the following episodes 🙂

  20. nkooutsider says:

    $95 salad doesn’t count as a salad. It’s steak with a side of salad.

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