17 Details In ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 Episode 5 You Might Have Missed

17 Details In ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 Episode 5 You Might Have Missed

In “The Bells” — episode 5 in the final season of “Game of Thrones” — we are treated to another monumental battle. We break down the hidden meanings and references in this fifth installment of season 8, including 17 details that GOT fans may have missed. Beware: Spoilers ahead.

It was impossible for major characters to escape death this time around, and we saw some of our favorite characters — Jon Snow, Daenarys, Cersei, Jaime, Tyrion and Varys — confronted with new challenges that push them to the brink. There are major callbacks to previous seasons, showdowns we’ve been waiting for (Clegane Bowl), and hints for the season finale.

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17 Details In ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 Episode 5 You Might Have Missed

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83 Responses

  1. paddy7812 says:

    one question, just how much fire can a dragon produce at any one time???

    • Donald Baruah says:

      +deadbutdreaming you’re the one true coughgon.

    • Anthony Estacio says:

      Aegon I rode balerio the black dread and burned Harrenhal to ruins using his flames only. Melted like candle as per them.

    • WillemstadPlug says:

      +deadbutdreaming Bro…You got to much time on your hands to be writing a story like that. But I enjoyed reading it tho….??

    • chessbhai says:

      +Reasonwalker W this comment f///king cracked me up…. lol HTYD

  2. Ti Le says:

    Varys had Becky (from the kitchen)
    poison the food intended for Dany.
    No mention of this in the reaction video.

  3. Cigan says:

    Like the video for the guy that made this nice and short instead of 20 minutes ???

  4. Ivar The Boneless says:

    that moment when you realize that samwell tarly killed more people than the golden company….

  5. Lee Laloo says:

    Meanwhile in Winterfell:
    Bran: So Sansa what’s for breakfast, oh wait I already know

  6. Kleines Keksmonster says:

    When the map of Westeros broke (the one Cercei liked to walk over) it split in a way that separated the North from the other 6 Kingdoms

    • Zijkhal says:

      +Damien King welll, that could still mean that the North, Vale and the Riverlands break off to form their own kingdom under Jon

    • Kanavaya says:

      I would like an ending where there’s a Stark in every coordinate. North (Sansa), South (Jon), West & East (Bran & Arya) but this is is just me dreaming over here

    • Zebulous says:

      I hope Westeros is invaded by aliens next week

  7. BigBirdYellow Films says:

    You missed something. Before the battle, Tyrion told Jaime to flee by taking a boat to Pentos and start a new life. He said the same thing to his lover Shea in season 4

    • O .S9693 says:

      I don’t know why but I can just imagine Tyrian being on that iron throne at the end. Don’t ask me how, I haven’t thought about it that much but how funny would that be

    • Butt Head Astronomer says:

      You may be reading into it too much. That was literally the only way to get smuggled out of a city, and Pentos was located closest of all the Free Cities to King’s Landing

    • gallardof13 says:

      Its funny because Sir Davos was supposed to take him but he was battling

    • Zeeshan Niazi says:

      +O .S9693 bran stark is gonna be a King.. Jon will kill the Danny

  8. cogtroper says:

    Another symbolism:
    The burning of kings landing mirrors d&d burning of the show.

    • Captain Marvel says:

      +Pål Hellum what did u expect from this s? I mean every possible ending would be dissapointing look threw the internet there are more Game of Thrones theories than cat and porn videos

    • wil 88 says:


    • Dos Tap says:

      Wait.. there has to be a story behind all these cool Drogon fire burning scenes??

    • espada 1 says:

      Captain Marvel you understand that just 5 days ago in the show dany risked hers and her entire armys lives just to save the world? You realize she lost 2 dragons trying to protect the entire world? You realize that if the leaks are true the king is going to be a vegetable?

  9. Meredith Nahabedian says:

    Danny- I’ll take back what’s mine with fire and blood.
    Fans- Yay ,Do It! Do it! Do it!
    Danny- She actually does it
    Fans- Wth

    • Marcin Nguyen says:

      +Michael Cai dude have you seen the video (and the series itself)? it’s been forecasted with the shadow of the dragon in bran’s vision, as well as daenerys in a hall full of ashes. they do not suddenly decided to be dumb!

    • Ham Evil says:

      Best scene in the series. I’m so glad she cleared the city. Hope she offs snow and end to winterfell.

    • O2dR says:

      Exactly! ?

  10. Illidana says:

    A moment of silence for all the little girls born between 2011-2019 named Daenerys.

    • Kelly O says:

      Akshansh Choudhary not cruel but an idiot that’s for sure. People can be really dumb

    • Akhmad Bilal says:

      Bastian Pastewka ppl just don’t understand how great she’s

    • Ricky Fontaine says:

      If my gf named my daughter after a fictional character who burned a whole city of people alive particularly because one of her own family members didnt want to have incest sex with her the night before… I’d leave her ass !!!! Not because she wanted to name her after dany.. But because im a northmen.. We dont do incest in the North ! Winterfell is not for that kinda shit !!!!


    • Dont Know Don't Care says:

      +Gabriel Hagen I dont watch game of thrones so whats the problem?

  11. M Branche says:

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Dani commands Drogan to kill Jon for his betrayal and Drogan refuses her? (Bros before…)

  12. Javano Williams says:

    Nobody :
    Dany : coughs
    Jon : She’s my queen

    • Javano Williams says:

      +UniqueGeekFreak haha

    • Jessica Channing says:

      Javano Williams
      I hate them both too. They have just butchered their arches here at the end… I’m just hoping it pays off… because people are already going nuts on the Internet about this season (even before it started)

    • Javano Williams says:

      +Jessica Channing worse season tho. Jon is stupid he could’ve prevented the innocents from dying

    • Joshua James says:

      Well I hope GRRM is going to write a better ending in the book. The producers are absolutely lost without the source material.

  13. C L says:

    #3 – Varys’ conversation with the girl was regarding possibly poisoning Dany

  14. Lord Xenu says:

    Perhaps the Mad King was stating a premonition when he was yelling, “Burn them all.” And it was Daenerys carrying out that premonition.

  15. Nessie Judge says:

    Arya: She doesn’t like your Queen, does she?
    Jon: Sansa thinks she’s smarter than everyone.
    Arya: She’s the smartest person I know.

    • UniqueGeekFreak says:

      +Kanavaya very good question!! I am wondering the same…i was thinking of the scene where Daenerys was sitting by her own after the battle w Night King at the feast long table next to Jon, she was devastated, to me it seems as if Varys might have known or picked up something there, because he followed after her, but Im not sure if im reading in too much ?
      Perhaps because Jon was so loyal to her, he may have had suspicions where that loyalty stems from hmmm. But loyalty & honour got all the good characters killed, including Varys which he took for the realm

    • Achdan wafi says:

      +Kretos Kim i do realize this, i think the writing just suck…

    • Suki Johnson says:

      Kanavaya Tyrion told Varys and then Varys asked how many people knew. He knew something was off but he didn’t know.

    • Bastian Pastewka says:

      Varys death is sansas fault

    • Belros the Bard says:

      Sansa is the most qualified to spot a tyrant, she spent plenty of time with the likes of Cersei, Joffrey, Ramsey and Littlefinger.

  16. Axel says:

    Jon snows script

    “Fall back”
    “You are my queen”
    “ I’m not a Stark”

  17. Edgar M says:

    A white horse came for Arya.
    D&D: We kinda forgot Nymeria was a wolf!

    • xaoc says:

      Gabriel Fran I thought Harry Stricklands horse is killed in the explosion of the gate.

    • Dos Tap says:

      Bran should have been the commentator for Tyrion with both of them up on the hill watching from the distance

  18. Hamza Javed says:

    Cat: meow
    Dog: woof
    Jon: *SHES MY QUEEN*

  19. HD-FXDR/R9T Racer HD & BMW says:

    The white Horse was Bran ?, helping Arya Escape. ?

  20. MetalHead Z says:

    Cersie’s escape from the brothers fight was the only creative thing I watched in S8.

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