18-year-old becomes America’s first women’s taekwondo champion | Tokyo Olympics | NBC Sports

18-year-old becomes America’s first women’s taekwondo champion | Tokyo Olympics | NBC Sports

In a tournament filled with upsets, 18-year-old Anastasija Zolotic defeated Tatiana Minina in the women’s 57kg final to complete her Cinderella run and become the first American woman to ever win taekwondo gold. #NBCOlympics #Tokyo2020 #Taekwondo
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18-year-old becomes America’s first women’s taekwondo champion | Tokyo Olympics | NBC Sports

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48 Responses

  1. XeciyPSN says:

    Announcer: we have out first American taekwondo gold medalist!

    • Michael Jackson says:

      @Matt Mcgavin thanks for the correction. All I was saying is she has every right to be excited first.

    • JohnnyD 67 says:

      @Johny G
      Then you have NO idea how overwhelmed you would be if you became best in the world at something.

      Instead of being happy for this persons success, your first response is to try to shame her for her reaction to the win. Shame on you.

    • YouTube Police says:

      In my martial art we call that a kihap or “spirit yell”

    • Tim Duffy says:


    • D.B. Myers says:

      Wonderful accomplishment, but not first women’s Gold medal in TKD. Ref: Dana Hee, 1988 Olympics, Korea.

  2. Jafari Lawrence says:

    “I can’t take it, I can’t take it, I can’t take it”

  3. Nicole Trudell says:

    Minina: Screams through entire match

    Zolotic: Saves screams for victory celebration

  4. Jimmy is Promo says:

    This would be so hard to NOT throw a punch. Lol

    • Whatatay T says:

      @MishtahPoog It’s laziness, poor technique, and lack of body awareness. No one of any skill flails their arms around like that. It’s a waste of energy. The Olympics isn’t made up of champions, its made up of amateurs and no rules tell rhem to flop their arns around. Like everything else sports have becomed dumbed down and this is the result. They have bastardized the sport. Also the best coaches are for professionals not amateurs and these girls are 18 so neither one has been training for decades so your lies don’t cut it here.

    • eddyvideostar says:

      @Kiab Toom Lauj: This is how public speakers speak: Fervent fluff to the futile.

    • eddyvideostar says:

      @A Bite Of Life: So busy that you could read all of this — and reply.

    • Thunderstorm says:

      @shortie6968able you can it’s just not the best approach

    • Spirit Donkey says:


  5. Kathleen Moy says:

    Mad respect, but this has to be the strangest event I’ve seen yet

  6. Henry Fuentes Riccardi says:

    Idk why it came to My mind “World Heroes 2” Right on champ!

  7. Boomerino Kripperino says:

    “she is no joke, she brings the smoke” he smoking

  8. TexasDragon 1995 says:

    I’m just so happy for her more than anything

    • Glory Sedi says:

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    • Trash says:

      @Glory Sedi no

    • George Washington says:

      President Trump is still our president. 🇺🇲

      Biden is *NOT* the president, and the whole entire world, knows it. 💯

    • sponiver says:

      @George Washington no

    • Sarah0000Sarah says:

      @George Washington lol

  9. Blue Eyes says:

    Kind of reminds me of when Dwight fights Michael in The Office 😂

  10. Zach F says:

    There’s no way I’d be able to do this without inevitably punching someone in the face.

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