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22 Responses

  1. GKLife says:

    That trip to LA must be why

  2. Dixie Normus says:

    I guess this is they mean when they say “You’re a Montana 6 at best”

  3. LSDPapa says:

    Love their energy tho

  4. Ty Can’t YT says:

    I Never new Rick Astley could hoop.

  5. Guillermo Luna says:

    People say it was because of the trip to LA, maybe she’s the one who ended it for whatever reason and our boy was faithful the whole time, but who know’s.

  6. Benjamin Estes says:

    This is what you call “From Farm to Court”

    Man still has is work boots and Khakis on.

  7. skycaptain39 says:

    Shattering ankles and shattering hearts. Man can’t be stopped

  8. Come Correct says:

    She had the cakes but you need a girl on your fitness level my boy.

    Whatever the case hope it was all in good graces.

  9. Denise Forsyth says:

    Will, shug that was awesome! I can’t help but be impressed by you. 💖🤗

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