$2 Curry Vs. $75 Curry

$2 Curry Vs. $75 Curry

“Certified Awesome.”

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Akshay Bhardwaj
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Han Chou
James Chou

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64 Responses

  1. Mary Emerald Lazaga says:

    The editing changed??

  2. ericcc70 says:

    Just a suggestion, but I think the old editing style was a bit more enjoyable. The new style has a lot of cuts and seems “faster.” I really liked the focus of both food and banter between Steven and Andrew in the previous seasons. It felt with the editing that we were just trying to finish this video, not the usual enjoyable experience. Just my personal opinion!

  3. Real Engineering says:

    This made me miss Malaysia so bad. Going to Laut next time I’m in New York for that Roti Canai.

  4. CodeChimp says:

    “Curry” is a meaningless word. To say “I want curry” is like “I want dishes.” Same thing as “stir fry.”

  5. Bi Bubble tea says:

    Y’all should do

    Cream puffs
    Creme brûlée
    Panna cotta

  6. Vincent Choy says:

    On Malaysia day, Steven and Andrew are trying Malaysian food. Well played and thank you Buzzfeed!

  7. Ashlover 123 says:

    Anyone here from India or Malaysia

  8. Atiqah Syahirah Ghazali says:

    What happen during editing? Where are all the punsss? The bromance?
    Where are all part where all these idiots roasting each other?
    This is so not worth it style. You guys need to change it back. 😩

  9. Stephen Joy says:

    Durian looks like a Jackfruit

  10. Sabirah Mahmud says:

    Honestly, as someone who is from South-Asian descent, I don’t even understand the word curry to this day. When people come up to me and ask me if I like this curry or that curry, it makes no sense to me lmao just because the dishes are so different. Curry makes no sense to me and PERSONALLY I hate people categorizing desi food under ‘curry.’ Yet this is only my opinion, I’m not sure if anyone else agrees but I usually just say the actual dish instead of going out and saying oh I want the chicken curry because there are different chicken ‘curries.’

    • Steph Curry says:

      +Sabirah Mahmud I’vе sp𝗲nt *2 days, 6 hоurs 𝛂nd 5 minut𝗲s* 0n YᴏuTub𝗲 s𝔦nc𝗲 16.4.2018! Check your stаts: sfvv.viewr.stream

    • Tams80 says:

      It’s category of food. If it is a dish with a relatively thick sauce flavoured with spices, then it is a curry. Generally it also has substantially sized pieces of meat and/or vegetables that have been cooked in the sauce. Unlike say a pasta sauce, or a gravy over a roast.

  11. Dair says:

    *Nothing is better than home cooked Indian curry from mom :)*

  12. Kevin Yang says:

    They should make a whole new channel for worth it

  13. A Pirate named Ali says:

    7:31 Too much ASMR for her

  14. C Tran says:

    i LOVE that andrew is so cool, supportive, and open-minded about food 😀 he wanted to eat steven’s favorite food, was so open-minded and calm about durian (ppl damn near lose their minds with the smell half the time). he lets steven talk all about his background and memories with the food and makes really sweet comments 🙂

  15. G Venchy says:

    Ever since Cody Ko called them the two most boring guys I’ve never looked at them the same lmfao

  16. Mohd Danish says:

    Damn 8$ for roti canai , i can get about 20-30 of those

  17. Vinodini Karunaharan says:

    You should have gone to India!

  18. Goku Black says:

    I wish people can just throw food through the screen and go through my phone so I can have some

  19. Alex Walters says:

    Please go back to the old editing style. This feels to much like a commercially produced food network show and not the candid feeling worth it used to be.

    • OhWowBrother 1 says:

      +Alex Walters I’vе sp𝐞nt *4 d𝖺ys, 20 h0urs and 30 m𝗶nut𝗲s* on YouTub𝐞 s𝒊nce 13.6.2018! Chеck y0ur st𝖺ts: qfqc.viewr.stream

  20. Harsh Raj Always free says:

    American curry = coloured Water

    Indian curry = real curry

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