20 Hidden Mistakes In Kids Movies That You Never Noticed [KYM]

20 Hidden Mistakes In Kids Movies That You Never Noticed [KYM]

Here are 20 shocking slip ups in your favorite kids movies!
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You might think that taking actual people out of a movie means taking the mistakes and human error out with them. But anyone paying close attention to modern animated films knows that even the smallest mistakes seem hilarious considering someone made them one frame at a time. And the bigger the mistake, the better it is to search for. Here are 20 Massive Mistakes in Animated Movies.

Script by: Andrew Dyce @andrewbdyce

Voice Over by: Ryan George http://twitter.com/theryangeorge

Zootopia | 0:26
The Lion King | 0:52
Beauty And The Beast | 1:08
The Good Dinosaur | 1:25
Wreck-It Ralph | 1:39
Despicable Me | 2:13
Aladdin | 2:43
The Little Mermaid | 3:11
Finding Nemo | 3:24
Monsters Inc. | 3:42
Shrek | 4:11
Frozen | 4:40
Toy Story | 5:00
Tangled | 5:24

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20 Responses

  1. happychaosofthenorth says:

    Well, if the popular theory is true, Aladdin is set in the distant future
    so the fireworks wouldn’t be an issue. Or the Genie did it, he might not
    be able to make Jasmine fall in love with Aladdin, but that doesn’t mean he
    can’t be Al’s magic wingman so maybe he did a little something special to
    help him out.

  2. Janah O. says:

    Did Anyone else notice in monsters inc mike and sully reminisce on a memory
    in the fourth grade but in monsters university they met only in college.
    That rly confused me

  3. Derpy Turtle says:

    I used to think KYM meant Kill Yourself Mate

  4. b16dave771 says:

    in toy story, if buzz thinks he’s not a toy why does he stay still around

  5. Jackson Gb God says:


  6. Victor Fries says:

    your forgetting that Alladin takes place in a post apocalyptic earth

  7. Black Hand says:

    +Screen Rant We all love Zootopia but you do not have to have Nick Wild on
    all of your new thumbnails.

  8. Littlest Petshops Love says:

    Did this guy ever talk in his videos?

  9. Joshua Hurd says:

    woah, you even rip off your own videos

  10. gubra3000 says:

    When I watched the Vector’s toilet I noticed

  11. Rhina Lizardo says:

    rachet and clank up your arsenal is negative

  12. Dylan Peralez says:

    + the richest do the most popular YouTubers in the world

  13. Adam Castro says:

    20 mistakes in 5 minutes?
    thats like…..
    4 every 15 seconds!

  14. Hockey- Topic says:

    IN BEFORE 1million views

  15. Kirkland Bond says:


  16. damn, son says:

    0:43 bernie?

  17. alexis alvarez says:


  18. Robert Miller says:

    People have way to much time

  19. Afasene Alipia says:

    I suck dicks for living

  20. Jorge Dominguez says:

    who cares?