20 Things Nobody Saw Coming In Marvel Avengers Endgame

20 Things Nobody Saw Coming In Marvel Avengers Endgame

Marvel Avengers: Endgame’s Most Shocking Moments

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Everyone knows that, here at CBR, we’ve been making predictions about Avengers: Endgame since…well, since the second we finished watching Avengers: Infinity War, but we don’t mind admitting that there were a few moments that took us by surprise. Everyone knew that Captain Marvel was a bit of a wild card going into the movie, but there’s one aspect of Carol Danvers we weren’t quite expecting. Sure, we had guessed the movie would involve the Quantum Realm and time travel, but we definitely weren’t ready to see Tony Stark and Scott Lang bungle their interaction with Loki so badly!

And when it comes to the Mad Titan Thanos, he’s known for surprising us, but we did find his fate, or should we say fates, pretty shocking. We knew someone was going to meet their end on Vormir in order to retrieve the Soul Stone, but we definitely didn’t expect to see this particular character meet their end. There were many of us who suspected Steve Rogers wouldn’t make it through to Phase Four, but we were still surprised to see who became the new Captain America.

There’ve always been tons of fan theories circulating throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it seems like few movies generated as many as Avengers: Infinity War. After seeing what movie moments left us shook, be sure to let us know what managed to surprise you in the comments section below and we know it won’t surprise you to know that the best way to keep up with videos from CBR is to hit the subscribe button before you go.


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88 Responses

  1. DeathComes Last says:

    Iron Man dying was unexpected
    and the fact that a rat was the start of their success
    and the fact that Iron Man didn’t end the movie since he started the franchise, but instead captain america ended it

    • Simon Kendra says:

      I thought they should have had reversed it… Cap should have died and Tony should have gotten his rest. Then again, he would never rest. He has said it multiple times now, he would go on until he dies. Which is why Pepper says “NOW you can rest”. So ultimately I understood. But I hoped for a more heroic death for Cap.

    • Martha Louise says:

      DeathComes Last iron man should have ended it

    • meamZ says:

      +Simon Kendra Yup i was thinking exactly this… There is basically no way he can just be “retired” without others coming to him for help every now and then or without him tinkering around with stuff and so on… RDJ is clearly getting quite old and i guess he wants to move on…

  2. Karina Ouvrard says:

    Russo brothers did not show us the encounter between the Captain and Red Skull for the soul stone

  3. I'm a kitty in a peeled banaenae says:

    *In the end, sacrifices are made*

    Natalia Alianovna Romanova
    Tony Stark

    *Marvel won’t be the same without you two*

  4. Thanos Thanos says:

    I cried when black widow died and when Ironman dies ??????

  5. Herobrine231 says:

    Them killing Thanos after 20 minutes

  6. Kai Moya says:

    I hate that we have to wait so long for Guardians 3. That will a awesome movie. Fat Thor. Past Gamora Peter has to win her over again. Groot should be bigger. Drax will be able to move on from Thanos. Peter can make fun of Thor for being fat. Thor works out for a few days and is already back to ripped. And Peter is like What the F? Then Drax could be like “See Quill I told you. He is a Man.”

    • The Highground says:

      Katie CAkes
      Wasn’t shown on screen so it’s not certain.

    • loridergmc91 says:

      James Gunn, is that you? Did you just spoil the script?

    • Kivan says:

      I’m not sure Gamora will be there, was she in the ship in the scene where Thor joins them? I noticed she wasn’t at the funeral.

    • focodoco says:

      We don’t know what iron man’s snap was for. Was it for everyone that sides with thanos. That’s one of the interesting thing we get to think about what his snap was for.

  7. MISS QLHLYN says:

    Tom Hiddleston ( Loki ) only get 1 min of screen time ?

    Did I expect him to come back alive ? Yess .

    Did he make it ? Nope.

    Did my heart broke ? Yup for sure.

    • Galaxy EXO says:

      maybe for another avengers movie (just guessing…

    • Jico Santos says:

      Danimations oh right. So loki escaping becomes a different reality right? And to prevent making more realities, they shouldnt interfere with anything from their past. Thats why they didnt care where loki went, all they need is the teserract. So knowing loki escaped in an alt reality is like knowing tony is alive in an alt reality, both doesnt affect their own reality.

    • Danimations says:

      +Jico Santos Yeah, and unless they returned the stones directly to the moment when Loki escaped, then Loki is pretty much free to go.

    • Wilhem Young says:

      Let me give you some hope. When the Asgardian Refugee Vessel was attacked, a gaping hole was left in the ship. Space has no air. Loki, Thor, and Heimdall could survive in space, so he doesn’t need air. Loki got choked to death, which is cutting off people’s air. Since Loki doesn’t need air, he probably faked his death. This can be backed up by the fact that Loki is the god of mischief. So he’s probably out there, doing something… mischievous.

    • MISS QLHLYN says:

      GreenBird haha ? Sorry because English was my second language

  8. Tim Possible says:

    CBR: “No one ever actually called Clint Ronin.”

    Fact: They never called him Hawkeye either.

  9. Awkward Issac says:

    I can’t watch endgame because it contains endgame spoilers

  10. AntzPranksTv says:

    People still play fortnite after having half the universe snapped out of existence lmfao ???

  11. Sheri says:

    Nobody saw Drax thought the entire movie, he mastered the ability of standing so incredibly still that he becomes invisible to the eye.

  12. Jose Luna says:

    Infinity war: Thanos: you shoul’dve gone for the head

    Endgame: Stark: i.. Am.. Iron man

  13. Alexis Urrutia says:

    I expected to see Drax get back at Thanos for his family.

  14. AGMerz33 says:

    Thanos’s Mom comes and tells him he’s antivax and he dies of measles

  15. Kevin S says:

    When Thor left with the Guardians, Rocket should have looked at Thor’s stomach and asked Quill if he had time to pick up that Bowflex

  16. Rahvee P says:

    I did not expect black widow and iron man to die DAMN IT!!!! lol another saddest moment was when Peter Parker was talking to iron man telling him that they won but tony was dying slowly and when tony hugged peter.

  17. engelskmann2011 says:

    it’s clever how they introduced Captain Marvel, they had her at key moments without stealing the thunder from the original avengers, Endgame is the original Avenger’s swansong, so it’s only right that they have the main focus before handing the torch to the “young blood” as what was mentioned by stark to Danvers

  18. Velimir Mišanović says:

    Actually The directors said that Captain Marvel won’t be in the movie much

    • Rob Stone says:

      Dylan L she’s a great actor and her movie was really good, which is why it did so well.

    • Dylan L says:

      +Rob Stone Disney bought 250milliondollars of their own tickets because your wrong.
      Nuff said.

    • Pi Pi says:

      +Rob Stone she is not a great actor and a person.

    • Pamala Bassham says:

      and Most didn’t want to some Mary Sue that’s spoo powerful. Endgame was made FOR the fans, anybody can enjoy it but the fans will be watching this thing in slow motion for the next 5 years lol.

    • Logan Chiang says:

      +Dylan L Chill the fuck out. Nothing can be consistently perfect. Just pretend it didn’t happen and get on with it.

  19. Silver Phoenix says:

    After the credits you hear the noise of Tony Stark hammering together his original Iron Man suit from Iron Man 1. RIP Tony Stark we will miss Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man

  20. Sketchy Squirrel says:

    Things nobody saw coming in Endgame: Black Widow not even having a funeral

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