20,000 Calorie Superbowl Challenge (Wings, Doritios, Pizza…)

20,000 Calorie Superbowl Challenge (Wings, Doritios, Pizza…)

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One of the largest caloric challenges I have ever done! 20k of some of the most popular foods to eat while watching the game. Pizza, Wings, Doritos (chips), Burgers, and Chili.


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20 Responses

  1. 4 scoops GODDAMMIT says:

    dick hanging lower than the balls

  2. DaCamponTwee says:

    I’m on a 600 calorie diet. This is a months worth of food for me.

  3. Carolina Vallario says:

    How the fuck does his stomach doesnt explode

  4. Matt Stonie says:

    For those wondering, I’m on a celery free diet. Makes me fat.

  5. Jade Skye says:

    Bruh that’s over 10 days worth of food going by a 2k cal diet

  6. Fallenwhun says:

    so the secret to staying thin is… meth?

  7. J87 says:

    Anyone else hate the new YouTube update where if you double tap on the
    screen it skips 10 seconds. All I want to do is hold the time button and
    skip it to the exact time I want now there is a delay. I thought updates
    make an application better, this is one of the worst updates thats happened
    on YouTube. Who’s the dumbass that made it.

  8. Amusedcat says:

    The reason why there’s weekly videos is because in between them he’s either
    in the hospital or on the toilet.

  9. John Michaelson says:

    I eat three slices of pizza and gain 5 pounds…wtf.

  10. Vera666 says:

    Boi you leave so much chicken on that bone

  11. Healthy Recipe Channel says:

    Damn they should study this guys metabolism. Insane that there is no weight
    gain at all.

  12. Dirk Diggler says:

    He is going to shit something that looks like a football after all that
    damn food

  13. Kys says:

    If your hungry, don’t watch this video. Seriously

  14. dannyzep92 says:

    The toilet is going to be a super bowl when you’re done with it

  15. Team Shmo says:

    Didn’t finish the celery, didn’t count, have to re-do it.

  16. TronnorsZoobloo says:

    People do 10,000 calories in a day challenge, Matt Stonie does 20,000
    calories in 1 hour.

  17. KgPs4Gaming says:

    I know for a fact this nigga has a custom toilet at home.

  18. Juanscum381 says:

    Would be great if he start to weigh himself at the start vid and when he
    finishes to see the results

  19. Monkey.D. Ruffy says:

    Ate over 20,000 thousand calories

    and a diet coke :D

  20. Mason K says:

    How…!!!? Just how!!!? I know stomach can expand quite a bit but
    seriously, how is it possible!!!!!??? Both physically AND physiologically!
    My pancreas and kidneys won’t survive those..

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