2014 CMU Football Bowl Players Reaction


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11 Responses

  1. taino211 says:

    Awesome. Coming from a UCF fan. 

  2. Sean O'Meally says:

    Wow! That’s freakin’ cool. Coming from a WKU fan. Looking forward to facing
    you guys again.

  3. Señor Invincible says:

    Sweet! Coming from a Minnesota fan. 

  4. bullsfan531 says:

    I woulda liked all that build up and then they go to Detroit. 

  5. jamnitro says:

    Awesome! Coming from a Vagina fan

  6. Deadra Whitley says:

    way to go chips

  7. sportstalk23 says:

    Officially the greatest bowl EVER forget the national championship title
    game, were talking the Bahamas and Popeyes here people

  8. sportstalk23 says:

    oops forgot to say coming from an FSU fan lol

  9. Trobinson97 says:

    Can’t blame em’m Nothing pleasant about Mount Pleasant in the winter.

  10. Dino Lembesis says:

    So flipping awesome!!

  11. magic3383 says:

    This is awesome.