2015 in 4 minutes

2015 in 4 minutes

Protests in Baltimore, a migrant crisis in Europe, the first Triple Crown winner in three decades, and stunning shots of Pluto. 2015 was a year to remember.

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20 Responses

  1. Jason Gray says:

    Insane liberal bias. Disgusting. Just disgusting

  2. Jeremy Smith says:

    We truly are going up in flames

  3. RevTwiist YT says:

    Fuck BRUCE Jenner and Gay rights

  4. Vital Remains77777 says:

    Let America and Western Europe burn.

  5. Abood YaQ says:

    exactly, this is the 2015 ” . Hate, Blood, Dark , etc …. and who knows
    what gonna happen in the fu*kin upcoming 2016

  6. marxxmann says:

    What the effing hell is Serena Williams doing in this video?????!!!!! She
    hardly fits in with any of these world changing events – big FAIL!

  7. Stance Punk says:

    liberal fags

  8. AWESOMEO says:

    What about the hundreds of stabbings and terror acts in Israel?

  9. Gordaton says:

    This year was horrible. Absolutely horrible.

  10. Greg Schrack says:

    This was so left wing the plane I’m on did a barrel roll.

  11. Emely Michelle says:

    2016 will be a better year.

  12. LeoOtakuAR “Leo” USA says:

    im catholic, cops arnt the problem, im anti-gay, and trump should be in
    office, hate me yet?

  13. Cody Hayes says:

    I’m sick of hearing about your damm emails Hillary Clinton!!!!

  14. TheDonovan717 says:

    They should’ve added the Steve Harvey Beauty Pageant incident. 2015 was not
    a good year honestly and I think it will get worse next year.

  15. OMG Ethay says:

    hello is the new rick roll

  16. Swizzy _ says:

    what was the horse part?

  17. Tania Granados says:

    Only really says the violence that happend this year plus the same sex
    marriage thing that’s not all that happend this year

  18. Alejandra Rangel says:

    wow, when I watched this, it was a way to capture what has happened in
    2015. I do not understand why everyone is being so negative. Yes more
    important things have happened in years before or maybe a lot of bad things
    have happened this year, but a lot of amazing things have happened this
    year and maybe you guys would notice if you got your head out of your ass
    and stopped being so negative about everything. Like is this a contest of
    who can be the most negative comment? If you do not like the way the world
    is, change it. Run for president. Get involved with organizations doing
    something to change the world. Don’t just sit behind a computer screen and
    complain about what has happened in the world. Yes this video did not
    include everything but can’t you just be grateful for what it did. Or at
    least appreciate the work that went into this.

  19. Moneta Man says:

    Rename video to “Bad stuff that happened this year because that’s what
    makes news”

  20. Vanessa Deleon says:

    The year of disgrace, stupidity and disgusted. For Caitlin Jenner will
    always be a man. The war made Isis looked bad but it made Paris looked