2017 is the Best?

2017 is the Best?

THE PROJECT FOR AWESOME FUNDRAISER IS LIVE: http://projectforawesome.com/donate So many great perks from your favorite Youtubers! (All money raised goes to Save the Children and Last Mile Helath.)
Let me know in comments what the best of 2017 has been for you.
The Project for Awesome: http://projectforawesome.com
The fundraiser goes live at midnight tonight!!!

If you’re looking to understand big trends in global human life, I highly recommend Our World in Data, which has information on everything from child mortality to human height to greenhouse gas emissions to financing education: https://ourworldindata.org/

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70 Responses

  1. Nobody important says:


  2. Katrin Baumgarten says:

    The baby hippo alone convinced me

  3. Kaylee Touw says:

    I totally forgot that john did this yearly! It’s so nice to see a reminder of the good things going on in the world! Especially with education! I’m freaking excited to hear that more people, old and young are getting access to education! And also exciting is THE P4A. Get ready for lots of charity donating and NEW ABSURD JOKES.

  4. marie mac says:

    Project for awesome season is the most heartwarming season

  5. Sofie P says:

    I am SO ready for P4A!

  6. Ren Lubash says:

    This video is one of my favorite every year, and if there is a year (or a day) I needed it more than ever it was today. While my personal life has been great this year in may ways (I began university, I have made many new friends, I have come out of the closet), the world often feels like it is going to absolute shit. This video reminds me, we are on a line between a horrible world and an amazing world. It is a world we must fight for, and we must continue to work to make the world a better place. So, everyone, keep fighting and DFTBA.

    • vlogbrothers says:

      I wish I could love a comment twice! -John

    • A Unicorn says:

      Ren Lubash hi I know I don’t really have the right to complain but I want to Soo I think today I just lost my only friend at my new school because of my adhd I think I have adhd and OCD but have not gotten diagnosed I don’t think I am gonna see one of my cousins within the next 10 years who I saw 1 a year the world feels terrible and I hate most memes ( also I am highly suicidle )

    • Doctor10709 says:

      Memes are stupid. And if your friend won’t be your friend just because you act different, that isn’t a good friend. The world IS terrible but the thing is that, when we start believing and more importantly start accepting it, our fate is set in stone.

      “One Day this life will be forgotten, all the terror, hate and fear too.
      We fail to think nor want to see then for if we do, our hope may fall.
      Life is hard, hurtful and often cruel, shuns us for reasons non existent.
      But we can go through this, but we need to stick together,
      Life and love go hand in hand, but for both, two people are demanded”

    • JimPlaysGames says:

      A Unicorn, I’m guessing since you said school that you’re young and I can only tell you that my life was also pretty miserable at that age, but things do get better. You will grow and learn about yourself in ways you can’t imagine. Even a day can make a difference, and you have hundreds of thousands ahead of you to make progress towards greater wellbeing. Hang in there and it will be worth it.

  7. Álvaro Lopes says:

    We’re one year closer to Half-Life 3 not being released.

  8. Scott Korin says:

    A Star Wars movie directed by Rian Johnson came out in 2017!

    So, we’ve got that going for us, which is nice.

  9. Simon Moe says:

    I find it so encouraging that John can say every single year that that year was on average the best for humanity yet.

  10. thewinterizzy says:

    I’m gunna be honest, I saw the title and was like “ugh I don’t wanna listen to John try to sell me on statistics that make 2017 seem bearable because it’s been pure garbage.” BUT. After watching, I can tell my mood has already improved a bit. Is this what it would be like if we were fed as much good news as we are awful news? 2018 I think I need to monitor my news feeds/Internet usage more diligently. (Assuming…net neutrality still exists, aha.) Anyway, thanks John for the reminder that not all of humanity is terrible. dftba!

    • Lysergic SmokesDoobies says:

      It varies from person to person. He hasnt been able to sell me 2017. Ive had some of the worst days of my life so far this year. Maybe for you it wasnt all that bad?

    • Norris Thomas says:

      thewinterizzy LOL I was expecting the same thing but, I like stats so I don’t mind. We get fed so much negative propaganda to make the world seem like it’s ending. Where 40-50 years ago we wouldn’t of even heard of.

    • Darina POP says:

      🔥💋🔥💋🔥💋🔥💋🔥 MY-HOT-SEX.ML

    • Lisa Hunter says:

      And how was 2017 pure garbage for you???

  11. Anna R says:

    Baby hippopotamus!

  12. thewinterizzy says:

    I am SO excited for P4A this year. A two-day livestream surrounded by positivity is just what 2017 needs right now.

    • Kaylee Touw says:

      Ahhh, me too! For me personally at least, the p4a seems to be when I feel the most like a part of nerdfighteria.

    • thewinterizzy says:

      Kaylee Touw yeah, I absolutely love it. Just hanging around and hearing stories, listening to jokes, just generally celebrating everything weird and wonderful about the community while also promoting charities. It’s a special time of year for sure. <3

  13. Leah And 26 Letters says:

    John, I finished Turtles last night and it was so good! First off I loved the part that explained ‘Turtles All the Way Down’. Also, I enjoyed that I recognized the “We’re Here because we’re here” from your video. I have watched that video on multiple occasions prior to reading the book and it made me tear up because it meant a lot to me. Lastly, it was fun to read all the Indy references being that I live near Fort Wayne it was nice to know what you were talking about. I loved the book John. (I don’t want my comment to take away from the important points in your video! I would like to include that 2017 marks a year we’ve had my nephew who was adopted from the Congo as well as the year my sister started a not for profit to help children in under developed countries. Her project is still in the beginning phase but it is a start!!!)

  14. Sprinkles The Unicorn says:

    2017: the year I learnt what a tuatara was.

    So, you know, pretty great.

  15. Matt Phillips says:

    Whenever The Foundation to Decrease World Suck is brought up I feel the need to remind people about tab for a cause. Tab for a cause is a browser extension that can help anyone with an internet connection and a computer donate to charity.

    It changes your new tab page and makes it a page with non intrusive ads, as you open new tabs you collect hearts and these hearts can be donated to charities! Charities such as Save the Children, Human rights watch and of course The Foundation to Decrease World Suck.

    So even if you can’t donate to P4A this year this is a way you can help these charities. Once again the extension is called Tab for a Cause. Oh and DFTBA!

  16. Moira H says:

    This is an amazing video, love the hippo, love the Orin, love your new book, love turtles, love PFA. Let me add some other happy things: We still have stores the exclusively sell books where you can also go and just sit on the floor and read said books. We still have polar bears which is an actual shock to me since I’ve been told since I was in eight grade that all polar bears would be dead soon. We, as a society, have slowly been recognizing mental illness as a true and horrible thing. LASTLY, we have you two (John and Hank) who are not only truly funny/entertaining youtubers but are outstanding people who work to make this place we call earth smarter with Scishow, more caring with Project For Awesome, more dubious with Dear Hank and John, and just all around a better place. Thanks for your videos, your music, your books, and just thanks for being the best versions of you that you can be. DFTBA.

  17. Milica Krunić says:

    Humanity is advancing in all fields except climate change. And unless we do something about it all of the advancements we’ve made will be unmade by something far greater than we can grapple with.

    • Aurious says:

      The world is advancing in its fight against climate change… except the US

    • Claerti says:

      Carbon dioxide emission rates are going down

    • Carlos Hernandez says:

      It’s funny how your ego is blinding you from reason.

    • Uriel238 says:

      *Diche Bach* Part of the problem is that science isn’t always easy. String Theorist Brian Greene has pointed out several times that when you’re trying to make a model that encompasses *EVERYTHING* (in his case, unifying gravitational physics with quantum mechanics) it’s hard to get the human mind to grasp it at all, let lone succinct, and teaching humans about how eleven-dimensional particles work is like teaching a dog about optics.

      And, yeah, ecology is immensely complicated and is is affected by a heck of a lot of factors. But just because we struggle to understand it doesn’t mean we can’t and things don’t cease to be a threat to us because they’re too complicated to comprehend.

      Human beings are not the only cause of biogenic extinction events. The Permian–Triassic extinction event was primarily affected by bacteria farts. Seriously. Massive colonies of single celled microbes that produced high levels of methane, and it caused the most massive dying period of geological history. Much of that methane is still locked in permafrost today which is why we have some concern that a clathrate gun effect may occur if that methane gets free.

      Right now, the atmosphere is changing faster than it has for the last ten thousand years. And right now we’re pumping a lot of stuff into the atmosphere from factories, from car engines, from livestock, and that’s changing it. Yes, we could be rendered extinct by some non-anthropogenic element (we still have concern about large asteroids, for example), but even if we are to get annihilated by some other factor, if we know it is likely to kill us, I’d think we’d want to do something about it.

      Having grown up in the late 20th century, I was raised on the dream that human beings would someday colonize space. And at the point that we are no long dependent on a single planet, our species becomes immensely less vulnerable to extinction. It’s going to be a while before we figure out how to travel to other worlds and not die in the process. It’ll take longer still to make space colonies where people can permanently live. So until then we may want to be guarded about taking care of this world, unless we’re just going to settle for dying off like countless prior species, unnoticed by the universe.

    • pmcdirewolf says:

      Sam K That goes both ways though. We _did_ almost annihilate ourselves in the 80s, and during the Cuban crisis. Things were so narrowly averted that it came down to individual officers disobeying orders that could have escalated to defcon 1.

      And, if anything, the post 80s period is actually more fraught. As the number of players increases, since non proliferation is impossible, the likelihood of an idiotic catastrophic event only increases with time. Even if it seems like we’re in a lull right now, barring the North Korean flare-up, the situation is not improving with time, it only seems like it is because there’s no dramatic Cold War tension.

      Climate change is actually fairly similar. First off, 2 degrees Celsius basically was guaranteed by 2005, there’s just no realistic way to slow down co2 output enough to stop that. And while the models vary, there’s no estimates that are _good_ , or even mild really. They range from “bad” to “really bad.”

      And it goes the other direction too. The models vary, but the tendency is to be _conservative_ when, realistically, we’ve been blowing through most of the dire predictions at top speeds. It’s possible the _worst_ case scenarios are too mild, and that we’re not panicking nearly enough.

      People are fatalistic about it because there’s no currently no positive outcome to this that doesn’t involve a magic tech geoengineering fix. All of the outcomes right now range from “bad” to “catastrophic.”

  18. MeowAlien にゃあエイリアン says:

    There’s much more flood than usual this year in my country, I wish people would finally agree that climate change is real and do something about it

  19. LoquaciousLaners42 says:

    The best part of 2017 for me was Turtles All The Way Down. No contest. 😆

  20. Cars Simplified says:

    The reduced child mortality rate is pretty impressive!

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