[2019 FESTA] BTS STAGE SELF CAM ‘앙팡맨 by BTS’ @190518 New York

[2019 FESTA] BTS STAGE SELF CAM ‘앙팡맨 by BTS’ @190518 New York

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26 Responses

  1. purpleV뷔 says:

    The best subjecst of Taehyung’s video are BTS & Army
    This is so precious and gorgeous

  2. Kashmere Davy says:

    Bts does know how to party i wish i was there jungkook and taehyung jimin all of them are soo funny and soo handsome and jin you are the world wide handsome .??????

  3. gardelali diaz says:

    i love the “wow” of jimin in 2:37 dnsjxhvfudsagzbsgduj :3

  4. Kim Ra_V_na says:

    Omg screammmmming think you bangtan i enjoyed i felt like i’m in the concert they so cute when play l purple you alot???????????

  5. blurryface says:

    3:12 the security lady smiling at jimin im crying he’s so precious ??????

  6. Pandinhaaa says:


  7. karen sierra says:

    I was there when they film this one , I was in mezzanine section front stage , the stadium was loud ?????????????? MetLife stadium may 18 2019

  8. Anchii 131095 says:

    Siempre me sacan una sonrisa. :’)
    Vengan a Perú, pls! ???

  9. T Cavalcante says:

    I can hear the screams, when Jimin and JK slipped together. They are so handsome

  10. BTS Army says:

    Stay Young Forever ????

    Ed Mubarak BTS and Army?❤️❤️

  11. Clara Kim says:

    Who do you ship?

    i ship junghope and taekook

    am i missing any?

  12. Ella Tee says:

    whoever is on their public relations and media team is killing the game right now

  13. khey army says:


  14. burningSunset78 says:

    LMFAO why are they like this?? ?????? i love these 7 dorks!! Really feel like you are up on stage with these crackheads!! Hahah ?❤️?❤️?

  15. Park Jimin says:

    3:23 Jin omma siempre diva nunca undiva ??????????

  16. Diana Diosa says:

    if they were singing in Peru, I would be even more emotional.???

  17. sasunaru uchiha says:

    OMG!!!!! Beautiful? i hope I’ll go someday my guys… I promise 7 hearts purple for you???????

  18. Mistmoon 12 says:

    3:36 chaos begins
    *Tae’s cam* starts going crazy
    *Jin’s cam* on the outskirts just having fun
    *Tae’s cam* It bE WiLd

  19. sushi ml says:

    Yessss it’s on trending! And deserves to be! LETS GET IT ANPANMAN!!!!

  20. Suga says:

    Don’t forget to stream Tonight in SoundCloud for world wide handsome. ?

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