2019 XXL Freshman Freestyles Trailer

2019 XXL Freshman Freestyles Trailer

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Check out a preview of the 2019 XXL Freshman Class freestyles.

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Video directed by @travissatten

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77 Responses

  1. XXL says:

    Which artist’s 2019 XXL Freshman freestyle are you looking forward to watching?

  2. The Don says:

    Producer: where’s gunna
    Cast: he’s looking for a outfit

  3. Brennan Wallace says:

    That man gunna did the photo shoot and speeded up right outta there

  4. RainbowCell0 says:

    Comethazine looking like he using the toilet while freestyling

  5. JT says:

    XXL: “Gunna can we get a freestyle”
    Gunna: “free-what?”

  6. Boogybreak says:

    Rico Nasty look like Mortal Kombat DLC.

  7. Devin Whitsey says:

    Not a single soul:


  8. GKid says:

    dunno why people are hating that yk Osiris is not rapping, he is literally a singer. ??‍♂️

    • O The Gooner says:

      I forgot to say that I hope that Osiris proves me wrong in the cypher and actually gives all of us an actual enjoyable singing verse that fits within the rap rythm with his cypher partners. Afterall I’m not a hater for this dude, I just hate the thought that he is going to ruin the cypher he’s on

    • O The Gooner says:

      @Kevin Chen I’ll check that out

    • Kushmael McFlurray says:

      Which is literally why people are hating… this is for rappers

    • Lil Boost Kid says:

      Then he shouldn’t be on here

    • Oqpaoslxlof Isiskskfkodos says:

      GKid this is a rap list tho

  9. Simply Turtle says:

    Yea yea, roddy rich and yk Osiris ain’t rapping, but am I the only one that’s gonna mention how hard comethazine killed it?

  10. VLONEMARXL says:

    B4 I clicked on this video I was like yk gonna sing.

    He started singing??‍♂️??‍♂️

  11. im the guy 123 says:

    Yall put comethezine dababy gunna or Megan that gonna be fire

  12. JD Gaming says:


    Roddy Rich: Preaches about Jail

  13. oYouGotClapped says:

    Comethazine look like the roach u keep stepping on but won’t die

  14. GiwrgosM says:

    Comethazine lookin like he gon hop out the screen and kill me?

  15. Matthew Aguilar-Cook says:

    Blue Face? Tierra Wack? Gunna? Where they freestyles at? ?

  16. JoeK says:

    Blue face: *BLUE FACE BA—*

    XXL: *_NO_*

  17. KingKaelGaming says:

    Dawg I feel like Rico and Comethazine are all members of the Akatsuki along with Melly who’s locked up

  18. 100,000 subs with 0 videos says:

    Noone cares about a trailer just drop the cypher

  19. jZxggy says:

    XXL: Blueface you tryna hop on this freestyle?

    Blueface: ✊✌️???☝️?? I can’t rap.

  20. namumong may says:

    Lil Mosey can’t speak English
    He’s freestyling in dialect

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