22 Minutes: Win Lose or Draw Muhammad

22 Minutes: Win Lose or Draw Muhammad

Contestants tackle a controversial twist in the classic game show.

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20 Responses

  1. rocklandrez says:

    +ayden chase A violent response to it is much much lower minded. By a
    factor of 1000.

  2. ayden chase says:

    +rocklandrez well if i fuck u in a bad way.. u will not stay quiet…

  3. ayden chase says:

    +ka t u r an example of those uncivilized n low minded ppl…

  4. ayden chase says:

    +Wilhelm Blackburn kinda true… but u should respect other ppl religion…
    u kno they r living their life on it n if u start to make fun on it…. it
    will not be cool for them…

  5. Jemster says:

    Why didn’t he just draw the boxer?

  6. Mohammed Bakeel says:

    In islam, we haven’t seen the prophet, neither do we know how he looks
    like, hence the reason why we do not draw or scale images. Found this quite
    offensive. Respect other people’s Religion, also find me a muslim trying to
    insult your religion.

    • Shawn Steinman says:

      +Mohammed Bakeel Why should I respect Islam? It doesn’t respect any other
      religion. “Kill the unbelievers where-ever you find them?” You actually
      agree with this? I can’t respect something or someone that wants to kill me.

    • Wilhelm Blackburn says:

      +pieluverftw Once upon a time, the church deemed it was not ok to challenge
      the belief that the earth was flat. It was not ok to assert that earth
      revolves around the sun, not the other way around. It was not ok for Darwin
      to insist that evolution was true. What is “ok” is subjective. But change
      can only come if everyone has the right to speak, regardless of what they
      have to say.

    • Nihil Geist says:

      +Mohammed Bakeel Fuck Islam, Fuck Muhammed and Fuck You. I don’t have to
      RESPECT your backwards beliefs, I do however respect your RIGHT to believe
      in whatever nonsense you choose. RESPECT MY RIGHT to be free from your 7th
      century mythology. Freedom FROM religion! FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

    • Sophia I says:

      +Nihil Geist the freedom of speech has its legal limits.

  7. Ameen Ahmed says:

    As a Muslim…. this was funny! It genuinely was!

  8. GeeK 8x says:

    Just draw Obama !!

  9. I wonder how long I can make this username, seriously though, this was Googles big "Improvement" says:

    I’m an octogendered girl boy octopus wolf from Neptune (who has a tail) and
    I feel oppressed

  10. Susan Huntley says:

    So sad. The video and the comments. It’s bad when we atheists are the ones
    defending hurt feelings

  11. An Human says:

    idgi. Aren’t depictions of Muhammad not very uncommon in Shia Islam?

  12. averageasian54321 says:

    for every Muslim saying that other people should respect their beliefs and
    religion, and saying that other people shouldn’t draw Muhammad. how about
    you respect my rights and lemme draw w/e the fuck i want to draw!!!

  13. nextleveldevil says:

    tisk tisk SNL. Shame on you.

  14. MrYouarethecancer says:

    Why didnt he draw a shit brown skin guy fucking a goat?

  15. Farasat Rizvi says:

    As a Muslim i find it to be funny

  16. garrettthurman21 says:

    Draw a couple chalk outlines and it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out