29 Facts about European Royalty – mental_floss List Show Ep. 520

29 Facts about European Royalty – mental_floss List Show Ep. 520

A weekly show where knowledge junkies get their fix of trivia-tastic information. This week, John shares some bizarre facts about European royalty through the years!

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20 Responses

  1. Karl Eriksson says:

    Ein, because Cowboy Bebop is awesome

  2. SeeleSO02 says:

    Corgi Name: Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Wifflebottom III

  3. Ian Alvord says:

    How about Mr Barkybunschnauzer?

  4. Nick Van Geert says:

    Philip is our current king and no longer a prince (belgium)

  5. Stu W says:

    No men in the delivery room was the norm back then, I’d hardly call it a bizarre fact

  6. Sir Zoidberg says:

    3:49 at least they didnt elect their idiot goat as their president 😉

  7. João Pedro Jorge says:

    Pedro the first of Brazil. In Portugal he’s Pedro IV.

  8. MrBetelguese says:

    Ozzy pawsbourn the Prince of barkness

  9. Nobbletops says:

    Prince Philippe? He’s our king now. Has been for over a year. KING of Belgium, KING Philippe! Shame on you Mental Floss!

  10. kattaylordesign says:

    Yay royalty facts!
    Corgi names: Lord Winston Boopersnoot Cumberbuns III

  11. oberon85937 says:

    Corgi name: His Royal Highness Prince Fluffbutt Von Booplesnoot IV.

  12. Craig Bradley says:

    What about all the inbreeding?

  13. Mike Milligan says:

    What is your hometown?

  14. Andreas Tollånes says:

    If I remember correctly, the king of Norway is 72nd in line for the English throne.

  15. FilledCircle says:

    I enjoy the name Gary for a Corgi.

  16. MDrummKid2 says:

    how many drugs do you take

  17. simonthecuddlyteddy says:

    1 out of 2 for correctly naming the Queen of the United Kingdom. There is no such title as ‘Queen of England’ since 1707 and the Union of the Crowns.

  18. Azathoth43 says:

    How about the fact Europe still has royalty?

  19. Pam Bostic says:

    My Corgi is Gracie. We got her at 3 years old and didn’t want to change her name. Her prior owner purchased her right after her daughter died in an accident. Gracie is meant to signify “Grace of God.” Our next Corgi will be named Dax, as in Jadzia or Curzon. 🖖

  20. Uknown Prophet says:

    Repent God loves you He waits for you

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