2HYPE Was Talking Sh** Then Got EXPOSED BAD! 5v5 Basketball!

2HYPE Was Talking Sh** Then Got EXPOSED BAD! 5v5 Basketball!

Linked up with 2HYPE for some 5v5 basketball. I hold grudges 😈

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49 Responses

  1. JuiceMan says:

    Respect to both teams… this was entertaining. Would love to see a rematch at some point tho…

  2. A * says:

    4’11” dude with the beard is the new carlos😂😂😂dude talks trash but went like 0/8

  3. TeeJayShF says:

    Nick is literally the meme “I took that personally” lmfaoo he be showing out though

    • Jordan M says:

      Word they made 2hype look very bad

    • Tyler Stevens says:

      Emphasis on the “they” nick didn’t do much man, that dude Chauncey is the truth though dude can ball

    • Talking Goat says:

      @Tyler Stevens nah he ain’t any better than nick, count the missed layups….and if you shoot as much as him I’d hope you’d score like that too

    • Tyler Stevens says:

      Dude dropped a nasty spin move and a three off one foot to win. Missed layups mean nothing when you can score like that your just a hater

    • Tyler Stevens says:

      Also maybe you mean missed threes because dude missed like 1 layup in two games

  4. zxpe says:

    n if nick got in my face like that he would have been sleep no cap lmaooo

  5. Jaydin Thomas says:

    Nick is like that one person at school that talks a lot but needs a squad

  6. Austin Smith says:

    the dude that got punched in the mouth by an old head was really talking the most while doing nothing but running. lmao

    • James Branord says:

      You mean the old head with a knife? I think he’s a clown too but dont talk shit like you would have done anything differently

    • joshua sox says:

      What’s he gonna do, hit him and get jumped by the bleachers. They may all hate that old drunk but he’s THEIR old drunk. When you pull up to different hoods, youre the enemy. People that hate each other will murder you together.

    • ice says:

      @James Branord he got slapped with bottle WAYYYY before he knew any of them had a knife, go back and watch for yourself.

    • T says:

      @ice I’m sayin they be sounding good but wen it come dwn to it they be bitches 😭

  7. nicegusbus says:

    jesser is too nice of a guy for a game like this man 😂

  8. Ty Dolla says:

    “Smoking on that 2hype pack”
    – Can slapping victim

    *scores 0 the whole video*

  9. CR 1 says:

    I need a rematch with zack and healthy kris.

  10. Eric Jackson says:

    Nick is literally out here talking shit to James bro like what😂😭

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