2KBABY – HALF A MILLI (feat. YFN Lucci) [Official Video]

2KBABY – HALF A MILLI (feat. YFN Lucci) [Official Video]

The official video for 2KBABY’S “HALF A MILLI (feat. YFN Lucci)” on his new EP “PREGAME RITUALS”

Download/stream now: https://2KBABY.lnk.to/PregameRituals

Follow 2KBABY:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/2kbaby/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/2kBaby
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/2kbaby

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51 Responses

  1. ZenomG says:

    2kbaby is a really underrated artist i hope he gets more Fame on his name because he is a 🐐 I love the smooth songs of 2k

    • Marylou Sakosky says:

      @Kok Tom songs with money flashin just says ego ” too. world needs love, slower pace, words that you can understand ..you cannot say he don’t sing this extremely fast. I am sent here to review. not leaving no more here i just tell Warner bro what i think since that was who sent me . Being a ole’ school DJ, i though constructive criticism would help since he has what it takes. so let his heart sing not his pocket. Sometime that chip on shoulder be wood right on up and i know better as he has it. SOO lets hear it

    • Kok Tom says:

      Marylou Sakosky I have zero clue what you’re talking about. I was just saying he isn’t really underrated. I think this comment was for someone else.

    • Marylou Sakosky says:

      @Kok Tom no surprise .

    • XO Blank says:

      This Wack asf

    • Jimmy Lopez says:

      Do we really need another artist who thinks he’s dope because he raps in triplets with autotune over a generic trapbeat? I feel like i’ve heard this song 100 times in the last week despite it just being my Soundcloud “related” tracks being on shuffle lol.

  2. Noah Ball says:

    He’s too Underrated

  3. ッ ZRose says:

    only real ones here before it starts

  4. ZombieNova58 says:

    Shii I’m here before this bih even starts

  5. Nottobe KnownThanks says:

    You know there will be those annoying people who dislike before even seeing the video🙄

    • Florida Mane says:

      Nottobe KnownThanks the people who did knew it was going to be shit from the start

    • Florida Mane says:

      That Guy James dude just say u don’t like it your putting too much into this pos song ( also I seen that u watch penguinz0 nice)

    • Mrfancypants says:

      A rapper singing about money, originality

    • Marylou Sakosky says:

      Opinion is opinion. when sent here by warner bro and you testing and surveying as a DJ , i review. Seen enough money and have to slow down to understand all the bla bla…World needs love and slower pace , nice beats and a song with meaning…and when you know they can
      do this…well ..sometime that chip on shoulder be wood right on up …so just sayin. slow down all the way around. But don’t worry .it was a thumbs up . He has the range.

    • DJ K.I.D says:

      @Florida Mane you guys are on the video commenting y’all putting time into it that’s yo damn fault

  6. Boss Mane says:

    2KBABY is one of 2020🐐no cap

  7. Kameron Reinke says:

    Definitely underrated, no doubt.

  8. 2KBABY says:


  9. Dri dri says:

    2KBABY EASILY deserves a XXL spot all his songs are good

  10. 2KBABY says:


  11. Just Some Water Bottle With Internet Access says:

    So is this like having A Million Water Molecules? That’s what we use for money.

  12. FBI says:

    Use this as “Here before a Million” card✌🏽

  13. JAMO says:

    We really on the map 2K, EST, JACK
    Louisville its our time! Ill be showing out with yall real soon!💯 Good Shit.

  14. Luis Vital says:

    I feel like yfn didn’t really try this was a 2ksong for sure

  15. Felippe Spindola says:

    Wtf!? i was listening “70s” playlist. And the 4th track was this. Disliked because the misdirection.
    Search “70s” and see what im saying

  16. Noah Goodin says:

    Only the realones remember “story” and “free my blooda”

  17. Jonathan_W says:

    Copy and paste sound. Copy and paste message. If all you’ve got to talk about is money and women then you’re not a musician.

  18. Frank Castle says:

    Seems like all he is focused on is money. He with the most money still dies.

  19. Matthew Hughes says:

    Imagine this guy with this wack rap shit possibly making half a million ! Fml….

  20. Rotel Beatz says:

    YOO where did you teach singing? 😤😤

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