3 Simple Life Hacks

3 Simple Life Hacks

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20 Responses

  1. Lollo “TheOzz” X says:

    Have a strange concept of “simple”

  2. LeOnline says:

    How 2 quickscope?

  3. Resmittien says:

    simple? ooo,i`m idiot xd

  4. Gert Kriel says:

    Does all his fucking thumbnails have to have a lighter glued to something
    or a battery glued to something or involving fucking matches.

  5. Sergio Speed says:

    nice :)

  6. Bruno Kranz says:

    the title is indeceiving
    these ideas in this video aren’t life hacks and are not simple. in the
    future, change the title’s names.

  7. ednamode1234 says:

    Do you not have any great sensitivity? Lol you always touch hot glue and
    fire without a problem

  8. Игровой канал MrVlada says:

    Где видео на 2 канале?

  9. Christian says:

    not Mr Gear, more like Mr. Autism

  10. Aleš Moravec says:

    Kids in Africa could eat that hot glue.

  11. theoneandonly says:

    Better Channelname: MrHotGlue

  12. Tkcb 2799 says:

    Why always so many dislikes?

  13. deedaa toran says:

    This affectidd my life alot thx

  14. terrahawk2003 says:

    wait I really want to know how the last project works that’s like really

  15. RandomLuis says:

    Mr hacker is catching up to you!

  16. lesROKnoobz says:

    here’s my favorite hack.
    1. buy a .45
    2. buy ammo for your .45
    3. load your .45
    4. put your .45 into your mouth
    5. pull the trigger.
    Congratulations! You’ve skipped life and headed straight on to the perfect
    afterlife you most likely believe in. Have fun and don’t forget to write!

  17. I just want Likes says:

    This video is pretty lit….I’ll go now

  18. Richard Hart says:

    Dare we say “Do not try this at home. “?

  19. Tutka Play says:

    почему все англичани он же украинец

  20. Absurd Lies-X says:

    I’m in love with the music, somebody tell me what it is ?