30 people missing after boat catches fire | ABC News

30 people missing after boat catches fire | ABC News

Rescue efforts are underway for more than 30 people on a boat on fire near Santa Cruz Island, California, the Coast Guard confirmed.

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95 Responses

  1. CourtneyChaos14 says:

    Hopefully most of the people are hanging on somehow ( & somewhere).

    • Elizabeth Bloom says:

      Forgotten it doesn’t even matter cause sharks usually don’t even bother humans unless agitated first. Not even if their bleeding out so if anything it would be any other fish

    • sour airhead says:

      @Forgotten maybe if you paid attention in school instead of tryin to be a typical internet wierdo you would know that..

    • Green Lizard says:

      @Eric Lee I guess even the sharks will appreciate toasted meat for once.

    • Forgotten says:

      @sour airhead I live absolutely nowhere near the ocean why would I need to know when shark season is lol. it’s literally useless information.

    • sherrcon says:

      life jackets?…we don’t need it on this boat; we are perfectly safe just like that duck boat that sank taking 17 victims in branson Missouri…where are the life jackets?…

  2. Ronny & Tara DiSalvo says:

    Between shootings plane crashes now I’d it gonna be boats and hurricanes..let’s get some POSITIVE NEWS for once. Prayers are with the familys

    • ravenrose mia says:

      @NikkiC17 Chim Yes, millions of hugs millions are alive. We don’t like it becuase we love our loved ones but God calls people home.
      It’s sad sometimes it isnt the best way but they have a better heaven.
      The lord is good.
      Let us pray for the lost and worried sheep.
      Let’s pray the good shepard comes for the flock soon as our saviour arrives.
      Holy be.

    • ravenrose mia says:

      @Ross Carlson I rebuke the power of satan off of you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. God bless you may all the lost sheep come to christ and be born of him in the water and in the heart. ❤

    • sherrcon says:

      ronny and tara/you want the news to lie to you…would you like that better?…like you said, if you want something positive read your bible, go to church, repent and prove yourself worthy for the kingdom of heaven…not the news to feel good…just my opinion

    • weeber says:

      Um you obviously dont know what the NEWS is all about? They feed on negative energy YO!

    • sherrcon says:

      @VuqarIE / but what is God’s will?…do you know?…if your child is very sick, wouldn’t you want other believers in Christ to pray and lay hands on your child or would you say “oh well, it’s God’s will she/he should die?…

  3. Leonaza7 says:

    The firefighters and coastguard are doing their best. The fire just keeps restarting. What a nightmare for those trapped below. So sad.

  4. Leonaza7 says:

    Just heard official say crew was rescued but divers were trapped below deck.

  5. NiceTryThief says:

    Thanks for the info, darla ruined it on cbs.

    • Jeremy Backman says:

      Lol , word , fuck that dumbass bitch.

    • NiceTryThief says:

      Logan Moore Yeah, I get being relieved but she just talked about it the entire time, not only did she not seem concerned about it but she completely ruined the point of it being on the news.

    • Leggo My Ego says:

      @Unlikable They let that bitch drone on and on about how great she was for not getting on the boat. It was horrible. No information relevant to the fire, just a constant stream of that lady talking about how she wasn’t on the boat.

    • sparsh. says:

      she did ruin it tbh

  6. Pseudo Nym says:

    “We don’t know what caused this fire.”

    A: Drunk rich people

    • Aesthetic Muscle says:

      @Braydon ok than i was just joking about white people as well. it makes him a racist as well it doesn’t make any difference if he made a joke or not seems like you just need to read better.

    • JAKE the KANGAL says:

      @Boomer5150 if you ever had my girlfriends mom’s you would retract that statement in a hurry……(that sounds weird).lol

    • Ultra Instinct Shaggy says:

      Steve Hudson Nigga you’re getting dragged lmao

    • Larrggelargeee Frrennch Minion Slipperzz Minion says:

      Pseudo Nym you are incorrect I’ve been on this type of charter boat ran by the same local company. These boats take people to and from the Channel Islands. Wow look at how much banter and just stupid arguments that were created all because of one comment that wasn’t even correct.

    • sherrcon says:

      @matt mosher life jackets????


    Say a prayer for them. Only well wishings for safety and concern.

    • Steven Palma says:

      You can pray for them not happen and guess what they will still happen

    • Zestful says:

      @Nekonomicon prayers don’t even do anything, smartass.

    • Ron H. says:

      Can’t say a prayer because that’s superstition but I HOPE the best for them!

    • Nekonomicon says:

      @Zestful perhaps but the main thing is that OP is wishing and hoping for their safety. It’s not like they can drop what their doing and help out so that’s all they can do for them.

    • dono Taylor says:

      your dumb prayers don’t do anything. don’t you get it yet? innocent people got caught in Inferno. crying for help, probably some of them were Christians. got caught in the burning fire. where is your god?

  8. Catries Johnson says:

    Hope more gets rescued just sad. ? there all ok.

  9. vamperkillzshy says:

    How do you know 30 people are missing if you don’t know how many people were on the boat…..

    • sandy moonstone says:

      . the smuggled illegals don’t like being counted

    • Cloud Cipher says:

      @Debbie Belden why are you taking this so serious lmaooo
      You’re making urself look like a clown

    • Daniel Myers says:

      Debbie Belden I understand where you’re coming from, believe me. But this isn’t one of those “Single, anonymous source says Trump might wear ladies panties” news stories. This is a crisis, and they have to work with what they have, and the news needs to be swiftly communicated to the public so that concerned loved ones can start reaching out and know as much as possible.

    • Debbie Belden says:

      @Cloud Cipher says the pot stirrer

    • Cloud Cipher says:

      @Debbie Belden lmao I’m just stating how they could have gotten the numbers and you’re over here just arguing for no reason lolol

  10. Ronny Wayne Beats says:

    I swear the world its starting to turn into GTA online

  11. Murder MaroSS says:

    So many fires in CA we need to ban fire

  12. Barrelr1d3r571 says:

    Florida man shouldn’t have went to California.

  13. Brandon Sly says:

    Damn cant travel by boat or plane nowa days..my ass just staying home..

  14. osielone1 M says:

    Geez, while i was sleeping their boat caught on fire, Tough Life, Hope they are alright

  15. LittleDarkBunny 19 says:

    Remember how before 2012 how usually the news would be positive and bring light to both good and bad?
    Now it’s just bad news everywhere, are you kidding me?

  16. Zeus Gawd says:

    Thank god I’m broke and dont deal with these problems

  17. blux says:

    usually people on these boats do unsafe FIREWORKS+tons alcohol…

  18. Daniel Abu says:

    Dear lord pls save me, my family and anyone reading this comment from accident
    Save our country oh lord

    • suspicious2delicious says:

      Don’t worry trump will save us.

    • VelvetyKyra says:

      Praying won’t help, we just gotta hope. Or also HELP.

    • Dance Party says:

      What do you mean? Hoping is useless, who do you hope to get help from? God, and thus by definition means you are praying. Also how can we help? Unfortunately we don’t know when accidents like these will happen. So stop acting all cute and make society a better place because it is very necessary right now, and you’re probably not doing your part.

    • dono Taylor says:

      Daniel Abu hahaha your imaginary friends don’t care about your silly nilly prayers. where is your imaginary friends at? are they still hiding in your mind?? lol

    • Daniel Abu says:

      Velvetkyra how do u hope when there’s no life

  19. Flutters says:

    “unclear how many people were on that boat”

    “Rescue efforts are underway for more than 30 people…”


  20. princess lps101 says:

    Hurricane coming to my aunt I hope she makes it through 1 like one prayer to my aunt

    • JayceYourDreams says:

      princess lps101 imagine asking for likes you insecure little annoying idiot, there are actually people there who need help and ur asking for likes like it was a joke, please delete your YouTube account for the sake of all of us

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