“31 Rock” Season 1 Trailer, Featuring Sarah Palin

“31 Rock” Season 1 Trailer, Featuring Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin stars in Independent Journal’s new comedy about a small-town TV writer who moves to NYC in hopes of creating a hit variety show. Also starring Kevin Brown (Dot Com), Senator Lindsey Graham and Senator John McCain

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Kenny Wassus

Director of Photography:
Rob Groulx
Phil Wolf

Max Futterman

Andrew Clark

Executive Producers:
Bubba Atkinson
Colin Chocola
Benny Johnson

Production Assistant:
Dave Jorgenson

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20 Responses

  1. Salami Society Gaming says:

    They only thing that could have redeemed this is ifJohn McCain cursed out
    Palin for ruining his entire campaign

  2. codadog1111 says:

    Painfully unfunny

  3. Ali Robins says:

    That was great! Well done! Seams fitting. I had to look again to see if
    that was Sarah or Tina. Good stuff!

  4. Charlie Cluster says:


  5. RC Shones says:

    It is like Jim Carrey playing Andy Kaufman . A legend playing hack . Sarah
    Palin is a legend and Tina Fey is a hack as witness by Tina Fey’s career
    decline outside of playing Sarah Palin .

  6. freshair3451 says:

    God help me!

  7. woah says:

    I actually thought this was funny

  8. Desert Sky says:

    Don’t you people get it?!!
    30 Rock wasn’t funny either! THAT’S THE POINT! LOL!!!
    It sucked just like 30 Rock…..IT WAS PERFECT!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!

    It’s not easy to be that ‘not funny’ ;)

  9. Jesse Alcantar says:

    I don’t know why you guys didn’t like it. I thought it was clever and

  10. OMG Ethay says:

    why? This is a dated reference. And a bad parody.

  11. OMG Ethay says:

    why? This is a dated reference. And a bad parody.

  12. Scott DuBose says:


  13. Steven Chao says:

    I’m not sure what the point of this was but…. nice to see some
    politicians’ human side aha

  14. darkinetix says:

    It’s funny, but not in the way as intended… hilarious watching her try so
    hard — and honestly she didn’t do a terrible job for Sarah Palin of all
    hell-nos on this side of the galaxy — but I couldn’t help but sit here
    wondering why? huh? and what the fvck? the entire time.

    So, in the end I guess I’m just laughing so hard at the sheer desperation
    to stay relevant on behalf of people like Sarah Palin.

  15. JoeJoeJoeFilms says:

    It’s bad. But can we at least admit that Palin isn’t a TERRIBLE actor? I’ve
    seen far worse for sure.

  16. k hk says:

    I kinda miss John McCain considering our current situation

  17. DaBlackX says:

    Was this supposed to be a parody of the concept of “something that’s
    funny”? Because if so, then Sarah Palin nailed it.

  18. alex interson says:

    0:26 that’s a mac, you animal.

  19. S.F. Gartlan says:

    I always thought Sarah Palin was kinda hot

  20. Professor SubZero says:

    Sarah Palin is a cutie and hasn’t plastic surgery like Tina Fey . Sarah
    Palin is cute and funny.