3:48 am, “Hydraulic Press”

3:48 am, “Hydraulic Press”

That shit was actually pretty huge. We had to deal with it somehow.
Here’s The channel we’re parodying: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcMDMoNu66_1Hwi5-MeiQgw?&ab_channel=HydraulicPressChannel
Dude rocks, check him out and subscribez to him.

Ohshitthisblewup. Thanks for views and shit, Reddit. Also by request from my compadres, *No Drugs or Alcohol was involved. We were all just really damn tired.*
-u/unprdctbl / Faisal

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20 Responses

  1. Andrew Krause says:

    For those who hate videos filmed in portrait orientation. Watch on your
    phone in portrait orientation. problem solved.

  2. Shadow God says:

    I wonder if Hydraulic Press Channel actually know about this video… XD

  3. Crayola Master says:


  4. Kelly Oreos says:


  5. Cali says:

    why is this going viral? its not even funny. its just two drunk guys being


    Centipedes are not your friends, despite what these Wikipedia hipsters are
    trying to tell you in the comments. I knew a guy who was bitten by one and
    had to go to the ER. So if you ever see one in your house, kill it.

  7. Tommy The Tank Engine says:

    Wow you guys have such a good sense of humour and must be amazing fun to
    hang around with and are in no way gay.

  8. colapie says:


  9. david moral says:

    incoming insect activist lol

  10. mangatic776 says:

    i hope you guys die under a car. cause you are fucking useless for this

  11. Allen Jasper says:

    The accent was on point though

  12. CrazyComputerGuy1 says:

    This made my day.

  13. Theeflea03 says:

    i laughed so fucking hard, 6 time replaying it

  14. AJFRAGS says:

    This is not funny just straight up sad

  15. edenmc says:


  16. Wojtek Stefaniak says:

    You make pancake

  17. Sean W says:

    the movies idiocracy is coming true.

  18. Thiago Dantas says:

    This is animal cruelty, I’m going to “press” charges. XD

  19. Max G says:


  20. sgtfrozty says:

    Vertical video. What’s the fucking point?