4 STRANGE Paranormal Phenomena! feat. Jack Black

4 STRANGE Paranormal Phenomena! feat. Jack Black

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SOURCES and more fun:

The Fox Sisters

Santa Fe Courthouse video

More Mumler Photos


Scientific Paranormal Investigation

Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife

Why the Victorians Saw Ghosts

Written, directed, hosted and edited by Jake Roper

R.L. Stine played by Jack Black
Slappy played by Avery Jones

Cinematographer: James Mills
1st AC: Eric Karkheck
2nd AC: Jack Dickenson
Gaffer: Zac Baney

Hair & Make-up: Jenny Key

Sound Recordist: Jacob Varley
Sound Editor: Jared Tuttle
Sound Design: Jay Pellizzi

VFX by Eric Langlay

PA & BTS director: Michael Watson

Book design by Lisa Solimeo

Music from http://audionetwork.com

Special thanks to Sony, YouTube Space LA, RED Digital Cinema, Mahin Ibrahim, Andrew Fillmore.

Vsauce1: http://youtube.com/vsauce1
Vsauce2: http://youtube.com/vsauce2
WEsauce: http://youtube.com/wesauce

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20 Responses

  1. becca says:


  2. Colebotman Conley says:

    It seems Jake Roper has entered

    The Twilight Zone.

  3. mendyc158 says:

    Anyone knows the name of the cartoon at 7:40?

  4. supercalafragilisticjoy says:

    Dude, sleep paralysis is easily the most terrifying thing I’ve ever
    experienced >.<

  5. David Osorno says:

    Excellent video, as always. Thank you for this awesome content.

  6. Victor Alvarez says:

    Great video!

  7. Alvin Cornelius says:

    *slow applaud*

  8. Anime Lover says:

    I never imagined I’d be scared in a Vsauce video. :D

  9. MsIberico says:


  10. Edvardius says:

    Great material, second favorite if not better than “Could You Live
    Forever?”. Great job! :)

  11. mikestermike says:

    Plugged movie is plugged.

  12. Roelf van der Merwe says:

    I love the production quality of your videos lately!

  13. I LXM I says:

    I love the effort put in to these videos, especially subtle details like
    the two knocks in the background at 11:09

  14. Sav Leek says:

    jake can you like be my best friend.

  15. Akshay KR says:

    Well that was spooky

  16. A45235920 says:

    Can anyone tell me the name of the music playing at 12:00.
    Thank you in advance.

  17. Kingjulien_ says:

    0:10 you can see a person move behind the door 😀 GOTCHA!!!

  18. TheFeli73 says:

    leaf a like

  19. ash ketchum says:

    this video scared me so im not sleeping tonight, but youre juuuust sooooo

  20. Nikolaj Lepka says:

    Oh look, another channel he infected. FIrst markiplier, now vsauce