4-year-old shares message for fallen father

4-year-old shares message for fallen father

Christopher Jacobs, a 4-year-old son of a fallen Marine, shares a message for his father. Subscribe to WBAL on YouTube now for more: http://bit.ly/1oJSRCN

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20 Responses

  1. j blaze says:

    who disliked?! show yourself demon!!

  2. Nygel Tzib says:

    It’s sad that this innocent child’s dad, died a terrorist

  3. Sai L. says:

    123k views and only 16 likes??

  4. BobThePineapple says:

    trending = broken

  5. Ironwill Steelton says:

    good vid , but it was put on trending manually

  6. zoey morrigan says:

    123k views but only 3 comments and 25 likes and 2 dislikes…. um what? And it’s somehow 2nd on trending. Wtf.

  7. Hmm... says:

    Why is the video “Teen Convicted Of Murdering Mom With Sledgehammer Speaks Out” being recommended after this? LOL

  8. Alex Hernandez says:

    Good thing he found his dad… im waiting for mine

  9. Vixoskeleton says:

    why is this in my recommendations

  10. Scob Sil says:

    Too many have fallen…thanks Obama

  11. that guy says:

    How is this trending?

  12. NinjaHighLife says:

    Oh dear God… My mother didn’t sign the permission slip for this feelings trip..

  13. Tarobrob says:

    To be trending views and likes don’t matter, the one that matter is powerful feelings.

  14. Melissa Ngai says:

    This is 2 years old whaaa

  15. Creed Luvari says:

    Why is something from 2 years ago becoming relevant. I understand it’s for Memorial Day, but what did no kid lose someone in the army since 2015 or something

  16. BlueDiamond 20 says:

    Who else cried

  17. Millionaire Pac says:

    #Baltimore ✨🙌🏼 Trending

  18. 2Much4Life says:


  19. SunSon29 says:

    For some reasons, some ppl dislike it.

  20. Tyler Walter says:

    It’s never just a death to many people lose their brothers, sisters, family, children and so much more that are affected I wish the government would think of them when they send troops to some sandbox and just think of it as a casualty of war, too many young men and women have lost their lives defending those back home from the corruptness of the world and to protect liberty and freedom but most importantly they do it for those who cannot protect themselves or that boy across the street playing with his little sister or the old man who goes down to his granddaughters birthday it’s more than just wanting to go it’s so much more and I myself plan to go into service maybe not active but the service and be on standby if/when another Hitler rises to power to again protect my brothers and sister whether it’s next door or if it’s halfway across the world, thank you to all who have served and may peace be with those who payed the ultimate price, happy Memorial Day to all!

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