$40 Gym Vs. $10,000 Gym

$40 Gym Vs. $10,000 Gym

“I feel like we are in a secret society.”

In Worth It: Lifestyle, a spin off of BuzzFeed’s hit series Worth It, host Steven Lim and his buddies embark on a new adventure, setting out to try different experiences at three different price points: affordable, middle tier, and luxury–from airplane seats to cars to videos games. At the end of the episode, the gang decides which experience is the most “worth it” at its given price.

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79 Responses

  1. Bendo says:

    11:40 Dom Mazzetti is crying right now and for once it’s not because his dad left him

  2. Football4Life says:

    That’s cool!
    La paleastra means the exercise grounds in Latin
    (I promise I’m not a nerd)
    Wow so many likes, thanks

    • Αθηνά Μανούσου says:

      Football4Life palestra (παλαιστρα) is a greek word and it comes from the verb παλεύω (palevo) which means wrestle. Palestra is the place where wrestling (πάλη) takes place. Πάλη (wrestling) was a sport even at the ancient olympic games.

    • Austin Clay says:

      The people commenting about Italian are correct because la is not used in greek or latin but in spanish la palestra means the arena or the gym

    • Tomy Lim says:

      I am not a nerd too, I just have google xD

  3. Jon & Ange says:

    I’ma have a hard time going to the $40 gym let alone a $10,000 gym for that matter.

    Well any gym at all xD #fatlyfe 🙁

    • Bob LeNoob says:

      Dreaditall Yes it does work, you just gotta eat a lot. As of now I gained 20lbs of muscle by doing body weight training only, going from 120 to 140lbs. Check out THEN-X on youtube if you want good tutorials.

    • Emrit Ramharracksingh says:

      If I paid 10,000 for the gym ik I’ll make sure I’m going

    • YouCanCallMeReTro says:

      Exercise feels so good tho

    • wee woo says:

      Dreaditall body weight excercises are especially useful for naturally skinny people, while i would recommend a mix of free weights and body weights its still possible to see good results fairly quickly if you put effort in. I would start with basics like pushups, sit ups and squats and get the basics down of each. Next i would reccomend investing in a home pull up bar preferably a door frame mantled pull up bar, then you can do chin ups pull ups etc. I highly recommend getting a pair of dumbells (even though its a free weight) as the pure amount of utility thay have makes then instantly worth it.

    • Gains says:

      Good but you gotta start lifting weights as well, Calisthenics will only get you so far.

  4. erikgreeno says:

    2:22 she goes in for the sniff boys

  5. Chris says:

    You know what, I’m pleasantly surprised by how worth it each option is. I came in with a biased opinion but now I understand their value. The last one is actually cheap for what it offers. It has a thorough program.

    • Johnathan Lo says:

      For people with enough money, optimizing their own workouts isn’t an efficient use of time. It’s not that they lack motivation – it’s that they don’t have the time to learn nutrition and kinesiology on their own, so they pay someone else to do it. When your time is worth thousands of dollars an hour, that’s the better option.

    • Johnathan Lo says:

      Varg Fallon – You could, and most do, but after a certain point, it’s a waste of time. People with that much money usually have more productive activities to do.

    • Wow That's Cool says:

      thepersonwhohasnovideos Exactly I don’t think a lazy person with no motivation has 10k to put towards a gym

  6. SimperingLeader says:

    Double pump? Is this fortnite

  7. Sentanyl3 says:

    “And I eat 3 steaks in a day”. More like you take like 3 bites of 3 different steaks.

  8. jalene150 says:

    You can tell she worked hard in the gym. She has a wonderful shape. She will probably look EXACTLY the same even after pregnancy

  9. LOHX Jeff says:

    Damn the $40 one,got to say that they r rly going green,recycle material n the electrical generating machine is cool

  10. qatzukst says:

    Damn, that last gym trainer is training in the gym with his 1500 dollar Tom Sachs on???

    Lmao he has too much money.

  11. NightsPhenom712 says:

    Most of the people that go to these expensive gyms just do half reps or just run on the treadmill the whole time lmao

  12. Ari says:

    she was so lovely just such a genuine and nice person???

  13. That's Cool says:

    Even if I got the $10 000 gym for free, I still wouldn’t work out.

  14. SDG Danny says:

    Came here to laugh at the costs, learned how to run properly instead

  15. Cohz3rr says:

    1:12 double pump 9 damage bois!

  16. OfficialJesseStone says:

    I like her, she’s much better than Quinta!!

  17. Pratham Rocks says:

    In India local gym cost 5$

  18. Afif Juaba says:

    U don’t need a 10k gym lol what a joke

  19. Travelers Warden says:

    I typically watch these and the highest cost, to me, just isn’t worth it. This time I’m completely wrong; that’s such a comprehensive, data-backed analysis and implementation method for approaching your health that I’m very impressed.

  20. Wesley Buck says:

    11:45 does she have armpit hair?

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