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20 Responses

  1. CaseyNeistat says:

    i was super salty here. it’s an ok product. not good, but ok. it was their highest power model with the highest power setting, fastest setting. for 5 beans it’s an ok deal but it rubbed me the wrong way when i opened the box just how much they are trying to be a Boosted Board – why the same color scheme>? why the similar logo? why the same logo and graphic placement? beyond all of that my biggest criticism is that this thing did not inspire confidence when i rode it. i didnt have confidence in the brakes, didnt have confidence in the acceleration. after riding a boosted board this generic one felt unsafe. it’s ok to sell a lesser product at a vastly lower price but why pretend to be the superior product? just own it. there’s nothing wrong with being a hyundai

  2. KiddsockTV says:

    Casey.. Did you take the Juiced Board out of “beginner mode”? DERP

  3. KateLestrange says:

    Dang. This is classist af. The wrap up of this video is basically, “if you can’t afford to have the BEST board like me, you shouldn’t get what’s within reach.” Also, it makes total sense why Juiced would make a board that looks like Boosted. Casey and others ride Boosted boards and have massive audiences who are influenced by these videos. It’s kind of a no brainer. But, you know, if you
    can’t afford to join the Boosted board club, apparently it’s not cool to even try at all. 🙄

  4. Drewsefer89 says:

    Casey what’s with the 1080p & 1440p only? Not everyone lives in NYC. Some of us lives in areas with horrendous internet speeds. I usually watch in 440p but theirs times when I have to drop it to 144p. Don’t exclude us that live outside the city.

    Edit: Figures that it’s YouTube that is causing this glitch. I wasn’t harping on Casey I’ve always supported his channel. I was just misinformed. Hopefully Youtube fixes these kinds of glitches.

  5. SkippyZKangaroo says:

    How many replacement Boosted Boards have you had just from everyday use? You forgot to mention that. Especially after all you get them for free while other people don’t.

  6. Chetanya Saini says:

    why quality is 360p

  7. Nick Djerassi says:

    Summary of the comments below:

    – My Internet can’t handle the 1080 p
    – ThIs iS sO BiAsEd
    – ThIs is ThE fIrSt CaSey ViD I mIghT dIsLiKe

  8. stompindez says:

    Little tip: probably not the wisest idea to make a review when you’re such good friends with the competing company. Doesn’t really promote trust, and with you building a news organisation with CNN it just adds to the mistrust.

  9. Chris Go says:

    wouldn’t it been more fair to test the twin motor version?

  10. urmaker says:

    I got a different brand knock off for $500. Goes 25 mph and about 11 miles (advertised at 20). Ride it all the time. Swappable batteries too. Got a couple extra for long rides. Didn’t like the idea of belt driven boards due to the fact that you can’t ride them normally if they die.

  11. BrettDuFore says:

    This video just made me want to buy a Juiced board

  12. 9 hours ago says:

    I phone 7 plus is $1150.00 I phone 4S is $320.00. Is it fair to compare both. We all know that you got paid from boosted to do this.

  13. ayush mourya says:

    Why the quality is available in hd only

  14. o0bananaman0o says:

    Juiced! thankyou for undercutting the boosted market. $1500 for a plank of wood and an electric motor is complete BS price gouging. dont pander to these millionaires who get their shit for free!

  15. Jesse Martineau says:

    For 1/3rd the price I don’t think that “just OK” is fair – it’s ONE THIRD the price, and still comparable!!!

  16. Sam says:

    Are you seriously calling these people a “knock-off” when you created Beme?
    Big fan of yours, but seriously, how many Boosteds have you broken? How many boards have Boosted given you away? What is your professional relation with Boosted?

  17. Elias Ferraz says:

    This review is bullshit….specially that Ferrari-Hyundai comparison…..way way way way too exagerated, it seemed like a cheap advertisement. That’s the kind of exagerated comment i would expect Steve Jobs to make about Samsung…but for a “unpaid/realistic/neutral” review…way way off man….

  18. TheGebs24 says:

    Boosted missed out on a market of riders who cannot afford $1500.

    Candice recently said that you advised her to make a product that the bulk of her market can afford so BILLY came along. Fin was way too expensive.

    Boosted is Fin
    Juiced is BILLY

    That’s fine with me yet you bash the cheaper product. See where I’m going?

  19. NunoFCPereira says:

    i’m still blown away by the fact that the kid has a boosted board and didn’t look like he knew Casey, that seems weird to me

  20. fidorover says:

    Ah, crap. Just realized I’m driving a Ferraro. Damn Craigslist.

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